A&P Ch 6 The Muscular System

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ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) is a disease that destroys nerve cells that control skeletal muscle activity. Without neural stimulation, skeletal muscles eventually waste away and mobility is impossible. In other words, skeletal muscles __________.

Become atrophied

Which of these characteristics applies only to cardiac muscle tissue?

Intercalated discs

Which of these increases as muscles age?

Amount of connective tissue in a muscle

What can older individuals do to increase muscle strength?

Regularly use hand weights and practice leg lifts

What mineral is released within muscle cells to trigger contraction?


What term refers to a smooth, sustained contraction?

Complete tetanus

Which of these muscles is located in the neck?


Which of these muscles extends the knee?

Rectus femoris

Which connective tissue bundles muscle fibers into fascicles?


Which of these muscles is named for the arrangement of its fascicles?

External oblique

What is the function of creatine phosphate?

Directly regenerates ATP from ADP within a muscle cell

There are three types of muscle tissue. Which of the following is classified as part of the muscular system?

All skeletal muscles

What term describes the rotation of a bone around its longitudinal axis?


What term refers to a muscle that aids another muscle by producing the same the movement or reducing undesirable movements?


What metabolic waste accumulates in muscle with excessive exertion?

Lactic acid

What initiates an action potential on a muscle cell?

Acetylcholine binding to receptors on the sarcolemma within the neuromuscular junction

Which neurotransmitter is released by motor neurons at the neuromuscular junction?


A muscle inserts on which of the following?

The bone that moves when the muscle contracts

Which of these muscles moves the upper limb?

Latissimus dorsi

What happens to a muscle when the nerve supplying that muscle is cut?

Muscle paralysis and atrophy occur.

Which movement is associated with the hand but actually occurs in the forearm?


he cross bridge cycle is a series of molecular events that occur after excitation of the sarcolemma. What is a cross bridge?

A myosin head bound to actin

What structure is the functional unit of contraction in a skeletal muscle fiber?

The sarcomere

Calcium ions couple excitation of a skeletal muscle fiber to contraction of the fiber. Where are calcium ions stored within the fiber?

Calcium ions are stored in the sarcoplasmic reticulum

When does cross bridge cycling end?

Cross bridge cycling ends when sufficient calcium has been actively transported back into the sarcoplasmic reticulum to allow calcium to unbind from troponin.

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