737 TRGOI 36-3 Basic Military Training (BMT)

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Trainees sleeping in tunnel area after lights out must have how many same gender trainees with them? (13.9.1)


Who may designate a Flt/CC to serve as Assistant Director of Operations? (1.1.1)


In addition, the 323 TRS & 326 TRS may use who else to augment the Top 4 with spot checks? (1.1.1)

Training Superintendant (TS)

What is the purpose of the OD & SNCOD program? (1.2.1)

Serves on behalf of the 737 TRG/CC to verify the safety, health and well-being of Trainees & Airman during limited supervision.

What is the intent the the OD & SNCOD program? (1.2.2)

"Leadership Engagment", intended to instill Trainee trust and confidence in the approachability of BMT Leadership as well as provide a visible deterrent of inappropriate staff behavior.

What hours do OD & SNCOD monitor BMT Activities? (1.2.1)

1700-2400 hours

Where are the OD/SNCOD Program binder & cell phone located? (1.2.5)

326 TRS/CQ office.

Who assigns OD/SNCOD duty? (1.2.4)

737 TRSS/Scheduling office

How often will a Sq, submit names for OD/SNCOD schedule? (1.2.4)


What is the purpose of the 737 TRG Advisory Council (AC)? (1.3)

This is a forum for all 737 TRG personnel to provide ideas or suggestions to improve the 737 TRG mission to the 737 TRG/CC.

Who chairs the 737 TRG Advisory Council? (

737 TRG/CC

Who may attend Advisory Council meetings? (

Any 737 TRG personnel

Who is eligible to be appointed as Advisory Council Advisor? (

Any sitting Commander

The Advisory Council (AC) is chaired by which individuals? (

AC Advisor & representatives from each Sq. & Staff

The 737 TRG Sq/CCs will designate no more than how many representatives to support the Advisory Council Working Group? (


Dirty Linen should be picked up when? (2.1.1)

Mondays unless it is a holiday

Which section receive & distribute linen from contracted vendor? (

PT/Supply NCO

Dirty linen must be turned in prior to what time on linen exchange day? (2.1.2)


When can unservicable linen be turned in? (2.1.1)

As needed.

Linen Exchange: How mant sheets in a bundle? (2.1.2)


Linen Exchange: How mant mattress covers in a bundle? (2.1.2)


Linen Exchange: How many pillow cases in a bundle? (2.1.2)


Linen Exchange: How many blankets in a bundle? (2.1.2)


How many days does linen take to return from vendor? (2.1.2)

2 days

Unserviceable linen must be turned into PT Supply within how many hours? (2.1.3)


All contaminated linen must be placed in what prior to turn-in to PT/Supply linen exchange? (2.1.6)

Two brown plastic bags

Who distributes APECS jackets during initial in-processing? (

PRC staff

Trainees who have improperly fitted or defective APECS jacket must report to PRC when? (

Mon-Wed of the 1 WOT between 0900 & 1200 hrs

If an APECS jacket becomes unservicable, send the Trainee with unservicable APECS to where? (


How are SL position badges worn? (2.3.4)

Centered & grounded to name tape or right breast pocket

Trainees can NOT wear position badges with what form of uniform? (2.3.5)

Any blue uniform items

Where is the normal stage location for the water bottle, flashlight & reflective belt? (2.4.1)


How is the backpack worn in ABUs? (

Over both shoulders with waist strap and all compartments secured

How is the backpack worn in Blues? (

Secured on left shoulder or both not to interfere with salute or carried in left hand.

For PT, if backpack is not worn which hand will trainees carry canteens? (

Left hand

When are velcro backpack tapes collected from Trainees? (2.4.4)

Monday, 8 WOT prior to shipping to Airman’s Week

If Sq/Dorm tape is lost; who is responsible to pay to have another one made? (2.4.4)


For First & Second clothing issue, where is backpack stored? (


If a trainee is sick/ill who carries backpack? (

Wingman (in left hand)

The flashlight is an optional item for MTIs to carry/use during hours of darkness? True or False (


The reflective belt is mandatory item for MTIs to wear during hours of darkness? True of False (


The backpack is an optional item for MTIs during the execution of duties? True or False (


MTIs must print a Stripes Roster in what WOT? (2.5.1)


Active duty Trainees who do not appear on the Stripe Roster but claim they are to be promoted are sent where? (2.5.2)

Bldg 6330, Rm 123A (Records Processing)

AFRC & ANG Trainees report to where for proper rank verification? (2.5.2)

Respective Liaison office

When do Airmen begin wearing all authorized ribbons and chevrons? (2.5.3)

on Friday of the 7 WOT

Who is responsible for maintaining BMTDGs? (2.6.1)

Instructor teams

Extra copies of BMTDGs are stored where? (2.6.2)

Civilian Luggage Room

Who is responsible for replacing damaged pages in BMTDG (prior to flt shipping)? (2.6.2)


The PT/Supply NCO completes what form for government property lost, damaged or destroyed? (2.7.1)

DD Form 262

Where are spare security drawer keys maintained? (2.7.2)

In Flights cell phone bin

When are 1st Issue (Missing/Exchange/Defective) items returned? (2.8.1)

NLT end of the 1 WOT; Mon-Tue from 0730-1630 & Wed-Fri from 1430-1630

When are 2nd Issue (Missing/Exchange/Defective) items returned? (2.8.2)

NLT end of the 4 WOT; Mon-Tue from 0730-1630 & Wed-Fri from 1430-1630

When are 1st Issue Boots able to be exchanged? (2.8.3)

NLT end of the 1 WOT; Mon-Tue from 0730-1630 & Wed-Fri from 1430-1630

When are 2nd Issue Boots able to be exchanged? (2.8.3)

NLT end of the 4 WOT; Mon-Tue from 0730-1630 & Wed-Fri from 1430-1630

When do Low Quarters have to be exchanged by? (

NLT Monday of the 7 WOT

When is Make-Up Clothing Issue (Trainees who did not process with their flight for 2nd Issue)? (2.8.4)

Mon-Fri frorm 0630-1430 (Trainees must report NLT 0630)

Instructors who have Trainees with Uniform items damaged in line of duty or during medical emergency must coord with who for replacement? (

GPC Cardholder

Authorized backpack contents are? (2.8)

Water bottle, Flashlight, Reflective Belt, BMTSG

Authorized backpack contents are? (2.8)

Rx medication for that day (in properly labeled container), ID card/holder

Authorized backpack contents are? (2.8)

Not-taking material, unused tissue, hand sanitizer, lip balm, appt slips

Authorized backpack contents are? (2.8)

processing paper work, EPSQ, micro shields, unused sanitary items (females)

Authorized backpack contents are? (2.8)

Religious materials (Chapel Guide), muzzle cap, eyeglasses, road guard vests

Authorized backpack contents are? (2.8)

mosquito repellant, sunscreen, towel, protein bar, uniform items, items purchased during authorized BX run

What side of the bed is considered the inspection side? (2.9.1)

Right Side (facing wall locker)

How many inches are between beds? (2.9.2)

Minimum of 24"

How many inches is the center isle in each bay? (2.9.2)


In RH&Ts the 1st and 4th elements have how many lower beds? (2.9.3)


In RH&Ts the 2nd & 3rd elements hahve how many lower beds? (2.9.3)


Organization equipment in dorms must be marked with what? (2.10.1)

Number, 1-60 in RH&Ts

Where/how are beds marked? (2.10.2)

Marked on inspection side, 3" from center aisle end of the frame on bed rail

How are wall lockers marked? (2.10.3)

on the front with numbers centered above doors

"Dirty Rags" storage can must be lined with what? (2.10.4)

Plastic bags

What are the dormitory temperature perameters? (

Between 68 & 75 degrees

Light bulbs can not be stored in dormitory? True or False (


Dormitory discrepancies are reported to who? (2.13.1)

PT/Supply NCO

Trainee ironing boards must be stored where? (2.13.4)


When must venetian blinds be closed? (2.13.5)

Hours of darkness, when dorm is down or when flight is at BEAST

When must day room doors remain closed? (2.13.6)

Lights out, during down time and when flight is at BEAST

Where are buffers stored? (2.13.8)

Utility Room

How often are buffer cords and ground plugs checked? (2.13.8)


When in the dorm; road guard vests will be placed where? (2.13.7)

In utility closet or maintain in their backpack (MTI discretion).

Toilet seats must be in what position when not in use? (2.13.11)

Up position

What items are authorized to be stored in the civilian luggage room? (2.13.13)

Civlian luggage, extra BMTDGs, canteens, PT Run belts not in use.

Who cleans washers & dryers daily in RH&Ts? (2.14.2)

CQ ensures duty flight cleans all washing machines & dryers

Who cleans washers & dryers daily in ATCs? (2.14.2)

Laundry crews

The Security Forces Desk Blotter is what Form? (2.14.3)

AF Form 53

Laundry operations cease at what time in RH&T? (2.14.4)


Laundry operations cease at what time in ATCs? (2.14.4)

May complete one dryer cycle past lights outs with clothes left inside dryer

Who is responsible for standardizing bulletin boards? (2.17.1 Note)


The Airman’s Creed (acrylic poster) is a required visual aid in dormitory dayrooms? True or False (2.17.1 Note)


When must trainees be briefed on dining hall procedures? (2.18.6)

In BMT orientation prior to first meal

How much time do Trainees get to eat? (2.18.2)

10-15 minutes

Prior to BMT orientation; how must flights march to DFAC? (2.19.2)

In Flight formation.

After the BMT First Week Briefing trainees may return to dormitory how? (2.19.2)

In elements.

Who distributes the WAS electronically? (3.1.1)

737 TRSS/TSSS (Scheduling Element)

When is the WAS published for 0 WOT? (3.1.1)

NLT 1600 on Tuesday

When is the WAS published for 1-8 WOT? (3.1.1)

COB Friday

Who may requires schedule changes when warranted? (3.1.2)

Sq. supervisory personnel

What color ink must WAS changes be on the Sq.’s master schedule? (3.1.2)


What day is the first day of the Training week (to exclude Airman’s week)? (3.1.3)


Who approves each instructor team assigned to two dormitories? (3.3.1)

Director of Operations

What is the 737 TRG manning guidance / ratio per flight in all WOT? (3.3.1)

2:1 ; one of four assigned MTIs

What are the line squadron duty hours? (3.4.1)


Who approves duty hours that will exceed 10 hours? (

On duty Flt/CC or higher. The on duty IS may approve if no FC is on duty

Same gender MTIs must depart dormitory by when? (

NLT 2100

Same gender MTIs may enter dormitory no earlier than? (


Opposite gender MTIs must depart dormitory by when? (


Opposite gender MTIs may enter dormitory no earlier than? (


Non-Duty dorm inspections are conducted when? (

2100-2200 & 0500-0545

What are the exceptions for extended lights? (

late processing, DDR, late details or emergency room

In Winter schedule, Dorms must be in inspection order during what times? (3.4.6)

0800-1530 (Dec-Feb)

In Summer schedule, Dorms must be in inspection order during what times? (3.4.6)

0900-1630 (Mar-Nov)

Per the 737 TRG Stan Team, individual areas may not be inspected until when? (3.4.6)

Monday of the 3 WOT

All DFAC meals must be monitored by who? (3.5.1)

IS/Interim IS or any SNCO or Above

Upon flight arrival, entry controllers must be on shift how many minutes prior to arrival? (3.6.1)

30 Minutes

Entry controllers must be from what WOT and when are they required to support? (3.6.1)

4-7 WOT; 1830-0630 through the first weekend

Trainees with guaranteed jobs to Air Force Bands are assigned to where? (3.7.2)

D&B Corps

At a minimum, how many hours of IHTs must be conducted each Qtr? (3.8.2)


Instructor Supervisors ensure MTIs attend how many hours of IHTs each calendar year? (3.8.2)


Who tracks all ancillary training? (3.9.1)


All MTIs receive CPR training how often? (3.10.2)


What is the AETC Form 50? (3.11.1)

Appointment Slip

What is the BMT Form 106? (3.11.3)

Entry Controller Roster

What is the LAFB Form 104? (3.11.2)

Inventory/Storage of Trainee Personnel Property (Valuables & Clothing)

How many copies of the LAFB Form 104 must be completed? (3.11.2)

Two Copies

What is the AF Form 1052? (

Envelope for Storing Patient’s Valuables

Are trainees on prolonged standing waivers allowed to sit on EC duties? (


What is the BMT Form 118? (3.11.4)

Entry Controller Checklist

Per BMT Form 118, latrine checks are conducted every how many minutes? (


Per BMT Form 118, dormitory checks are conducted every how often? (

every hour on the half hour

MTIs must check BMT Form 118 daily NLT what time for summer schedule? (


MTIs must check BMT Form 118 daily NLT what time for winter schedule? (


What is the BMT Form 107? (3.11.5)

Record of Drill Progress

What is the BMT Form 124? (3.11.6)

Appointment Log

Do Trainees have to sign out for scheduled activities or sensitive skills? (


What is the AETC Form 341? (3.11.7)

Excellence/Discrepancy Report

What is the AF Form 490? (3.11.8)

Medical Appointment Slip

What is the 737 TRG Form Letter 2 (FL2) ? (3.11.9)

Disposition of Individual Patient Medicine

When should an MTI fill out a FL2? (

Upon finding any prescription medications i.e. during health, morale & welfare

After finding prescription medications and filling out a FL2, when should you send trainee to Reid Clinic for evaluation? (

Two-Duty Days

Who authorizes MTI or Staff spouses to eat meals in the DFAC with their sponsor? (3.12.4)

Sq. Commanders

Where must trainees carry wingman cards? (4.2.3)

ID Pouch

When do MTIs ensure Trainees update wingman cards? (4.2.3)

When primary wingman changes or when CQ phone number changes due to transfer to new Sq.

What two types of teams does the Wingman system consist of? (4.2.5)

Primary and Alternate Wingman team

How are Primary wingmen assigned? (

Bed number upon arrival at Sq.

When are alternate wingman teams created? (

Anytime the use of a primary wingman team is not practical

When are trainees exempts from having a wingman? (

During appointments with medical provider, IDMT, chaplain, SARC, sensitive skills, inquiry officer, urinalysis, 5K/Airman’s Run, career counseling and while utilizing.

What is the MTIs primary focus if a Trainee requests assistance with a sexual crime ? (4.5.2)

Ensure they receive immediate help, the support they need and resources available

Permanent party will strive to be no closer than how many inches from a Trainee/Airman? (4.6.1)


Can MTIs wear Service Uniform while flight is in ABUs? (4.7.2)


Can MTIs wear PT Gear to transit their flights outside the Sq./DFAC area? (4.7.4)


Can MTIs dress warmer than their flight? (4.7.5)


Can MTIs wear or have cellphones visible during ceremonial events? (


All marching units must march on troop walks when available and against direction of traffic? True or False (


What size marching units require Road Guards? (

Marching units of 13 or more Trainees, including the person in charge

How long must you wait to double-time a flight after meals? (

60 minutes

Double-time is prohibited when? (

prior to initial PT evaluation and when trainees are carrying duffle bags.

How early can cadence calls be implemented? (4.9.1)

as early as the first day of the 1 WOT

When should you not use loud commands, cadence, mass counting or whistling? (4.9.2)

In vicinity of classrooms, occupied drill pads, parade grounds (during ceremonies), medical facilities, chapels, lodging or when crossing intersections.

On Sundays and holiday’s, mass vocal participation is not allowed until what time? (4.9.2)

0730 hrs.

What are the hand washing requirements for Trainees? (

20 second durations, at least five times a day

What are Trainee showering requirements in Summer? (

Shower twice a day (if they attended PT that day); min. of five minutes to do so.

What are Trainee showering requirements in Winter? (

Must shower at least once per day; min of five minutes

Trainees must brush their teeth how many times a day? (

at least twice a day

Male trainees must shave how often? (

Daily (unless on a shaving waiver)

Canteens must be sanitized how often? (


What is the formula for using bleach with water? (

1/4 cup of bleach to one gallon of water.

How many mandatory phone calls are authorized in BMT? (4.12.1)

Four; 1)upon arrival at airport 2)within 72 hrs. of arrival 3) a 15 min. call in 3 WOT 4)15 min. call in 6 WOT

Trainee phone calls are conducted between what times? (4.12.2)


What are authorized phone call locations? (4.12.3)

Dormitories, classrooms, flight office, briefing/conference rooms. Sq leadership may add to these examples.

Where do you annotate damage to cell phones? (

On "Cell Phone Briefing Roster"

What is the DD Form 285? (4.13.2)

Appointment of Military Postal Clerk, Unit Mail Clerk or Mail Orderly

How many mail cards are required to be printed? (4.13.4)

3; one copy to MTI, one copy to PSC, one copy to be filed in file plan

Corrected flight rosters must be turned in to the servicing PSC NLT than when? (4.13.5)

Monday of the 1 WOT

When is mail call conducted? (4.13.5)

Every day Mon-Fri through Wed of the 7 WOT

Gaining Base roster must be turned into the servicing PSC NET when? (4.13.11)

Thursday of the 7 WOT

BMT Family Welcome Letters must be mailed NLT? (4.14.4)

NLT 1200, Monday of the 1 WOT

Protein bars must be consumed NLT what time? (4.18.2)

NLT 2000 hrs.

Air Airmen permitted to bring electronic items back to Sq./dormitories during the family weekend? 4.19.1)


What is a TWPM? (5.1.1)

Trainer Weapon Program Manager

Trainer weapons must be inventoried how often by the TWPM? (


Who appoints a primary and alternate weapons custodian within Sq.? (

Sq. Commander

When do weapons custodians and commanders certify weapons inventories/accurate records? (

Monthly, NLT 10th of each month

What form is utilized for weapon turn-in or transfer to another custodian? (

AF Form 1297

During weapons custodian change, a joint inventory must be accomplished NLT how many days prior to change of custodian? (

30 days

Who distributes weapons to Squadrons? (

BMT Warehouse

Who maintains accountability and proper storage of all procured weapons prior to distribution? (

BMT Warehouse

Squadrons must identify a primary and alternate Weapons Custodian in writing to whom? (5.2.1)

737th TRG, M-16 Trainer Weapon POC.

Weapons accountability NET what time? (


Weapons accountability NLT what time? (


CQ will annotate weapons accountability on what form? (

BMT Form 1473, Trainer Weapon Daily Inventory

When in direct possession, trainees must be within what distance from weapon? (

One arms length

In ATC; weapons are stored where? (

in wall locker compartment

In RH&T; weapons are stored where? (5.2.5-

In carrying case under bed

In regards to the Clearing Barrel Area; what are the parameters of the ‘clear zone’? (5.3.1)

3′ on each side & 6′ in front of clearing barrel outlined in Red

How many individuals are authorized inside the clearing zone when a Trainee is clearing weapon? (5.3.3)

Only Two

Who is the clearing barrel attendant? (


Who’s responsibility is it to ensure safe handling of all M-16 trainer weapons and use loading/clearing procedures posted above clearing barrels? (

Clearing barrel attendant

When will the NCOIC of Supply issue M-16 trainer weapons? (5.4.1)

In 1 WOT IAW the WAS

While waiting to clear weapons at clearing barrel; how must Trainees carry weapons? (

At "Port-Arms"

When are Trainees allowed to clear weapons and remove magazines? ( [Note])

At end of the day (clearing/racking) and prior to cleaning, disassembly or assembly.

When must muzzle caps for weapons attached to trainer weapons? (5.4.6)

During FEST I/II & during inclement weather

When do Trainees carry M-16 trainer weapons? (5.4.9)

While performing EC duties & during Field Training tent guard duties

Are M-16 trainer weapons allowed in the latrine or shower area? (5.5.12)


Where are Trainees not authorized to take weapons? (5.5.13)

Chapel, UCC, Dunn Dental Clinic, Reid Clinic, BAS, PT, Dispensary processing, Mini-Mall, Base Exchange, liberty, classes, interview sessions, appointments or referral counseling

If rain occurs, how must trainees carry M-16 Trainer weapons? (5.5.15)

Sling arms with muzzle pointed towards the ground

Weapons custodians return damaged weapons to where?(5.5.16)

BMT Warehouse

Who is authorized to revoke or suspend the privilege to M-16 Trainer Weapons? (5.5.17)

CC, DO, SS, FC, IS or BEAST supervisor

At BEAST who conducts nightly weapons accountability? (5.6.4)

Dorm Chief in each tent

All Performance evaluation grades must be entered by NLT when? (

NLT the end of the next duty day.

Reevaluations must be conducted within how many days of initial evaluation? (

2 training days.

For written evaluations; "U", unsatisfactory grades must be initialed by when? (

Within 24 hours.

Student Leader appointments must be inputted into BTMS NLT when? (

NLT the end of the 2 WOT

When documenting counseling sessions (in BTMS), to be effective counseling must typically be within what time limits? (

Typically within 48 hours

What must performance or discipline comment include? (

Deficiency, Reason for Deficiency, Resolution, Disposition

In absence of Sq./CC who fulfills minimum-counseling? (Table 6.1 NOTES)


Commanders must consult with who prior to any discharge or recycle actions of Trainees? (Table 6.1 NOTES)

First Sergeant

Trainees who test positive during urinalysis testing are sent where? (Table 6.1 NOTES)

737 TRSS Transition Flight

Who in the Sq. approves any medical hold transfers to the 737 TRSS? (Table 6.1 NOTES)

Each Sq./CC

Drug Testing of 100% of all Trainees must be conducted by NLT when? (7.1)

Within 72 hours after initial arrival to BMT

What uniform do Trainees wear to Urinalysis? (7.1.2)

PT Gear or ABUs

What uniform do MTIs wear to Urinalysis? (7.1.2)


What items must Trainees bring to Urinalysis? (

Photo ID and official evidence of SSN

Temporary Air Force identification cards are for who? (

Trainees without photo identification and official proof of SSN.

Where are temporary AF ID cards acquired from (for Trainees)? (

Friday, between 0800-1600 hrs. at 737 TRSS, Bldg. 6330

Urinalysis rosters are signed by who? (

Sq./CC, DO, SS or FC

Signed urinalysis rosters are ONLY for who? (

Trainees with absolutely no available source of SSN id

MTIs ensure Trainees unable to provide a (urinalysis) specimen on Wednesday evening report back by when? (7.1.5)

Thursday before 1300 or at 1830 hrs.

MTIs ensure Trainees unable to provide a (urinalysis) specimen on Thursday evening report back by when? (7.1.6)

Friday before 1300

MTIs ensure Trainees unable to provide a (urinalysis) specimen on Saturday evening report back by when? (7.1.7)

On Monday before 1300 hrs.

Trainees returning from UCC/SAMMC must see health care provider at Reid clinic by when? (7.2.2)

NLT the first duty day after returning to Sq.

When placing Roster numbers on 59 MDW Form 154, what are requirements? (7.3.1)

Top right corner in pencil

For non-emergencies Trainees report to IDMT within how many hours? (Table 7.1)

24-48 hours

What is Pseudofolliculitis barbae (PFB)? (7.5.1)

Razor or shaving bumps

Shaving waivers are issued on what form? (7.5.2)

IMT Form 422, Physical Profile Report

Who executes the Sickle Cell Trait (SCT) program? (


When are Trainee blood draws? (

Thursday or Friday during BMT Processing week

Trainees identified as G6PD will receive a medical briefing appointment slip NLT when? (

NLT 2000 on Friday

Trainees receiving SCT/G6PD briefing are issued and briefed on what form? (

SF 600, Chronological Record of Care

All trainees in Sq. Fever Flight (SFF) may eat at DFAC; however, must sit how far from non-ill Trainees? (7.7.4)


When is the 737 TRSS Fever Flight stood up? (7.7.6)

If housing or outbreak conditions are warranted

When are BAS services not available? (7.8.6)

on Weekends or after 1300 on duty days

What does the acronym BEST stand for? i.e. ‘Best briefing’ (7.8.9)

Biographical Evaluation and Screening of Troops

Trainees hospitalized require a "3-day bag" within how many hours? (7.10.1)

24 hours

Trainees personal property will be left in dorm no longer than how many hours? (7.10.1)

72 hours

After how many hours will trainees personal property be inventoried by FC or IS? (7.10.1)

72 hours

Trainees personal property will be inventoried on what form? (7.10.1)

Lackland AFB Form 104

Valuables (i.e. cell phone, jewelry, money etc.) are inventoried on what form? (7.10.1)

AF Form 1052

What are 3-day bag contents? (7.10.1 Note:)

3x Underwear, 2x PT shorts, 2x PT shirts, sweatpants/jacket, 3 pair of socks, hygiene items and other clothing deemed necessary.

After hospitalization; if trainee is to be transferred to Med Hold, they must arrive within how many hours? (7.10.2)

With 24 hours

Trainees transferred to med-hold must have personal property and valuable property delivered by what time? (7.10.2)


Female Trainees may continue to take birth control pills that were prescribed prior to arrival at BMT until when? (7.11.1)

Until they see a medical provider

What does the Transition provide? (8.1.1)

Personnel support for Trainees on admin/med hold, physical training remediation or pending separation.

Trainees who enter the Get-Fit program will do so for how many calendar days? (8.3.1)

14 calendar days; unless they pass their Final PT Evaluation early.

Trainees not meeting fitness standards remain in Get Fit until they pass or after how many days? (8.3.1)

30 Days.

Trainees assigned to the Get Fit Program are re-evaluated how often on all component areas? (8.3.2)


FC/IS must transfer holdover Airman in BTMS NLT when? (

NLT 0700 Monday at conclusion of Airman’s Week

FC/IS must send holdover Airman to 737 TRSS by when? (

NLT 0900 Monday at conclusion of Airman’s Week

What is the purpose of the Air Force’s safety program? (9.1.1)

Helps identify and control our risk of mishaps and injury during daily operations.

What are the 5-Steps to the RM process? (

Identify Hazard, Asses Hazards, Develop Controls & Make Decisions, Implement Controls and Supervise & Evaluate

Whos responsibility is it to keep BMT safe and professional? (9.2.2)

All personnel

What must are MTIs responsibilities for flight during a "Weather watch"? (9.3.3)

If marching flight to an unscheduled activity, notify CQ of the destination and estimated times of arrival and return.

What must are MTIs responsibilities for flight during a "Thunderstorm watch"? (

Be prepared to seek the nearest shelter

What must are MTIs responsibilities for flight during a "Tornado watch"? (

Review route of march for nearby buildings designated as tornado shelters and be prepared to seek cover.

What must are MTIs responsibilities for flight during a "Flash Flood watch"? (

Be prepared to move flights to high ground; never try to wade through water.

What must are MTIs responsibilities for flight during a "Hail watch"? (

Review base map for route of march and know shelter locations in event watch is upgraded to a warning.

What does a "Weather warning" signify? (9.3.4)

Alert conditions means a severe weather event is imminent or has begun.

What must are MTIs responsibilities for flight during a "Weather warning"? (9.3.4)

Flights will not be moved; Flights en-route to destination will be taken immediately to nearest shelter

What must are MTIs responsibilities for flight during a "Thunderstorm warning"? (

Secure the guidon & M-16 weapon; seek shelter immediately; call CQ to notify flights location; arrange bus transport if lightning within 5 miles.

What must are MTIs responsibilities for flight during a "Tornado warning"? (

Locate building with tornado shelter; call CQ to notify flights location; remain inside building until emergency has passed.

What must are MTIs responsibilities for flight during a "Flash Flood warning"? (

March flight to nearest high ground; seek shelter inside nearest building (2nd level); Call CQ to notify flights location.

Where are all hydration requirements outlined? (9.5.1)

737 TRGOI 48-151, USAF Basic Military Training Heat Stress Prevention

When do Airman receive their BMT graduation certificate? (10.1.1)

Upon successful completion of Airman’s Week

Who determines uniform of the day for all 7 WOT activities? (10.1.2)

737 TRG/CC

When do Airman begin wearing earned/authorized ribbons? (10.1.3)

Beginning Friday of the 7 WOT

If parade is cancelled due to inclement weather; where is the ceremony held? (10.1.6)

In each Squadron

What must Sq. supervisory personnel do if an Airman becomes ill or unable to attend any ceremonies? (10.1.8)

Notify the PRC as to the individual’s name, location and status via e-mail and phone

Following retreat/coin ceremony, Airmen must go to what location to sponsor any guests? (10.1.10)

Lackland Visitor Control Center (VCC)

What reasons can an Airman be denied base liberty or town pass? (

Poor performance and/or disciplinary issues.

All liberty restrictions must be reviewed and approved by who? (

Reviewed by FC or IS and approved by the Sq. DO/SS in coord. with CC

When town pass privileges are revoked; what is substituted in its place? (

Base Liberty

Airmen who are restricted but have visitors on Lackland, will be allowed a minimum of how many hours? (

1 hour visitation per day.

By when, must Sq. supervisory personnel provide Airman restriction list to BMT PRC with reason for restriction? (

NLT 1200 Wednesday of the 7 WOT

Which individuals are authorized ‘special town pass’ on Sunday of graduation weekend? (10.3.1)

Honor Graduate, Top Male/Female (PT), Top Male/Female PT Flights, Warhawk Recognition, as approved by Sq./CC

Who approves (graduation weekend) off-base activities? (10.3.2 Note)

737 TRG/CC

Dorm Chiefs must be approved by who? (

Sq./CC (or DO in their absence)

Element Leaders are approved by who? (Table 11.1)

Flight Commander

Chapel Guide, EC monitors, WSMS monitor, Weapons monitor and PT monitor are approved by who? (Table 11.1)

Flight MTI

Who is the first person in the Trainee’s chain of Command? (11.2.6)

Flight MTI

Which trainee key position acts as the liaison between MTI, permanent party and flight members? (

Dorm Chief

Which trainee key position ensure there are no security violations in their element? (

Element Leaders

Which trainee key position must be familiar with dorm evacuation procedures in case of an emergency? (

Flight Safety Representative.

Which trainee key position must act as the liaison between flight members and the chaplains and chaplain staff? (

Chapel Guide

Which trainee key position ensures the flight receives no less than 5 hours of study time each week? (

Academic Leader

Ensure electrical cords are equipped with what? (

Three pronged plugs

What are the hand washing requirements while in BMT? (

20 seconds duration; at least five times a day

Trainees must shower how many times in the Winter schedule? (

At least once per day.

Trainees must shower how many times in the Summer schedule? (

Twice a day.

Trainees are allowed a minimum of how long to shower? (

5 minutes

Trainees must brush teeth how many times a day? (

At least Twice.

Trainees canteens must be sanitized how often? (

Weekly (with Mikroklene).

Peer-to-Peer mentors must be recommended to FC NLT when? (11.4.1)


What is the intent of basic military training? (12.2.1)

Build Warrior Airmen of Character.

Military training instructors and other permanent party personnel are prohibited from having any form or relationship with trainees until when? (12.6.1)

6 months after the Trainee has completed entry-level training (technical training)

An MTI or permanent party member may not engage in personal, social contact with a Trainee who has been seperated from the Air Force for less than how many days? (

90 days

Tobacco products and electronic cigarettes must not be utilized by MTIs in presence of Trainees; True or False? (12.8.2)


Where are Trainee Rules of Conduct outlined? (12.9)

Basic Military Training Study Guide (BMTSG) & posted on the dormitory bulletin borad.

Who is authorized to work CQ? (13.3.1)

Any enlisted rank 8B000

What are the daytime CQ hours? (


Daytime CQ shifts requires how many persons to work? (


Evening CQ hours are what hours? (


How many persons must work evening CQ shifts? (


Who is responsible for scheduling CQ MTIs for duty? (13.4.3)

Sq./DO, Superintendent or designated representative

What is the purpose of CQ? (13.1)

Serves as the centralized focal point for the commander to manage and oversee safety, security, well-being, and accountability of all Trainees assigned.

In regards to CQ; what is the AF Form 53? (13.5.20)

Security Forces Desk Blotter

Who maintains/monitors all squadron (RH&T and ATC) keys? (13.5.19)

Charge of Quarters

How often must Sq. leadership teams responsible for reviewing a random five minute sample of the recorded data? (

At least once per week.

If BTMS ‘Appointment log’ is unavailable what form must be used? (3.11.6)

BMT Form 124

Trainees ae required to conduct how many hour accountability checks with CQ? (

Every 2 hours.

After how many hours does CQ wait before considering a trainee "Missing or AWOL"? (

3 hours.

After lights out; flight accountability checks will be every how many hours and end at what time? (

Every 2 hours until 0430.

Who is eligible for Sq. MMTI "Blue Rope" of the Year? (


When does Sq. Leadership announce MMTI, BROY? (

NLT the end of the first week of October.

Who is eligible for the 737 TRG MMTI "Blue Rope" of the Year award? (

All MMTIs assigned to 737 TRG.

What award does the Air Force Sergeants Association award? (14.3)

Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force, Gary R. Pfingston, MTI of the Year

In CQ; what form is used to sign keys in & out to squadron personnel? (15.3.1)

AF IMT 2432

What is the primary means of controlling access to dormitories? (15.3.2 Note)

On-duty Entry Controllers

The CQ reconciles key inventory at what times? (15.3.6)

Shift change and at 2100 hours.

Who is responsible for scanning key accountability logs weekly to file accordingly? (15.3.11)

Sq. Unit Program Coordinator (UPC)

RH&Ts will maintain no more than how many master keys in CQ? (15.4.5)

4 master keys

ATCs will maintain no more than how many master keys in CQ? (15.4.5)

4 master key sets (ATCs have 4 buildings)

In CQ; the spare key box will be inventoried how often and by who? (15.5.4)

Quarterly, by the Facility Manager.

In CQ; who has the authority to "break the seal" on the spare key box? (15.5.5)

Only the Sq./CC or DO in the absence of Sq./CC.

Where may Trainees use cell phones? (Attachment 2 [3])

Dormitories, classroom or patio areas.

When/where are cell phones not authorized at outlined in 737 TRGOI 36-3? (Attachment 2 [4])

Not allowed in latrine and never allowed when flight is in a state of undress

True or False; (For SNCOD); Dorm checks after lights out are NOT entry controller checks or dorm inspections. (


Who determines if backpacks are necessary for PT? (


True or False; Beginning Mon 1 WOT, the civilian luggage room must remain locked at all times unless an MTI is present. (2.13.13)


What is the objective of dining time? (2.18.1)

An opportunity to replenish vital nutrients necessary for mental and physical performance.

In the DFAC; what training corrections are MTIs limited to? (2.18.4)

Corrections to general military bearing, such as uniform wear, reporting statement and prescribed dining hall procedures.

True or False; in the DFAC- memory work, back pack dumps, or other training practices are prohibited. (2.18.4)


True or False; ALL trainees are issued a pair of athletic shoes. (


True or False; If trainees bring a pair of serviceable athletic shoes to BMT they are authorized to wear them during training. (


If trainees decide to not use issued BMT running shoes; how are extra pair of shoes stored? (

Stored in trainees civilian luggage.

At running shoes issue; how many corrected flight roster (with SSN) are provided to AAFES staff? (

Three; one for each component (AD, AFRC & ANG).

If a trainee does not process with their flight for athletic shoes; what must they bring with them for makeup? (

A signed memorandum from Commander.

If a trainee requires a reissue of athletic shoes due to improper fit and shoes have NOT been used; what must they provide to AAFES rep for replacement? (

Signed memorandum by Commander.

If a trainee requires a reissue of athletic shoes due to improper fit and shoes ARE used are they allowed to replace shoes? (

No; Trainee will be required to purchase a new pair at their own expense.

For flight pick-up (receiving) after 2100, lights out, MTIs must depart how long after flight arrival to squadron? (

1.5 hours.

Trainees may ride in a POV with a wingman; however, they must have approval from who? (4.2.13)

Sq/CC or designated representative.

In dormitory; cleaning crews must sanitize dorm and latrine with bleach how often? (

At least once a week.

True or False; the 737 TRSS may hold mail for Trainees admitted to medical facilities until they are released? (4.13.5)


When are trainees issued their CAC? (4.20.1)

Approximately the 3 WOT.

Until issued CACs; Trainees must have what required items carried on them in ID card holder? (4.20.1)

Picture ID, SSN & copy of military orders.

True or False; assigned Weapons Monitors may serve as clearing barrel attendants after being trained by an MTI and with an MTI present overseeing clearing procedures. (


In waivers section; after how many waivers do you begin documenting as comments (utilizing same information)? (


True or False; all waivers with expiration dates must also receive a comment with the same information annotated and trainee must sign for comment. (


True or False; all patients cleared by a specialty clinic (e.g. cardiology, allergy) need to see the Trainee Health Provider for final clearance to ensure trainee is not on "Do not Ship" status. (7.2.2 Note)


Trainees identified as SCT positive are issued what for wearing? (

Red Medical Alert ID Tag embossed "SCT" for wear around their neck/chain.

For Trainees identified as SCT positive; for how long must they wear Red Dog Tag? (

For the entire duration of BMT/BEAST and Airman’s Week.

For Trainees identified as SCT Positive; if they can not wear chain/ID tag, how must it be worn? ( Exception)

Trainee will loop the chain/ID tag around theh belt loop and place it in their right ABU pants pocket. For PT gear/Blues, secure chain/ID Tag in right pants/shorts pocket.

Which BMT organization is responsible for embossing SCT Red Medical Alert ID Tags as well as providing ID tags to Sq PT/Supply? (

737 TRSS Records ID Processing

Who maintains a supply of SCT Red Medical Alert ID Tags for issue? (

Sq PT/Supply.

Trainees identified positive for SCT or G6PD must attend a mandatory medical briefing where & when? (

323rd TRS Dispensary (Bld. 6578) on Saturday NLT 0715.

Who updates Red Medical Alert ID Tag Report in BTMS/eBMT? (

Medical Technicians

True or False; Trainees with crutches, housed in ATCs will always use elevators? (


Trainees that enter the Fitness Remediation Program while in the 0-3 WOT, must meet what WOT pt standards? (8.7.1)

3 WOT BMT PT Standards.

Trainees that enter the Fitness Remediation Program while in the 4-7 WOT, must meet what PT standards? (8.7.1)

Air Force PT standards IAW AFI 36-2905.

True or False; A Trainee’s PT evaluation conducted at the 737 TRSS is an official PT evaluation. (8.7.3)


True or False; Training under the ATC atrium may continue if lightning is within 5 miles. (


The Entry Controller Log and the BMT Form 118 must be reviewed at least how many times a day to ensure proper documentation? (


Trainees are not to take weapons to what locations? (

Chapel, Medical Facilities, Dunn Dental, Reid Clinic and BAS.

What is the Fitness Leader required to wear during Sq. PT sessions? (

Distinguishing Arm Band around left arm.

While at BEAST who is responsible for creating daily tent guard/UCC/ECP schedules? (

Tactical Deployment Leader.

How many Tactical Deployment Leaders must there be per each Trainee? (11.2.20)

1 per 11 trainees.

Who must act as Team Leader for Claw Missions (at BEAST)? (

Tactical Deployment Leader.

P2 Mentors attend four mentorship sessions in which weeks of training? (11.4.2)

2nd, 3rd, 4th and 6th WOT.

P2 Mentors will have a debrief session with flight that lasts how long? (11.4.4)

15-20 minutes.

What is the 2 AF Form 3? (

Military Training Leader/Instructor Abuse of Power Agreement.

When is the 2 AF Form 3 completed by members? (

Upon arrival to the 737 TRG.

Photographic request from external agencies are approved by who? (12.8.12)

737 TRG/CC through the Public Affairs office.

BMT personnel are prohibited from taking pictures of Trainees/Dormitories in BMT unless approved by whom? (12.8.12)


What is the TOTEM acronym? (

Total Operational Training Meals

Squadron BROY winners are announced when? (

During the Airman’s Coin/Retreat ceremony and at the annual BROY Parade/Blue Rope Ball.

True or False; medically directed light weight boot purchase can be accomplished at any time during the duty day? (Attach. 3)


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