7.14 US History

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Which legislation encouraged people to settle in the West in the late 1800s?

Homestead Act

What discoveries persuaded some people to move west to seek their fortunes in the late 1800s?

Copper and gold

What was the main reason that people decided to leave their homes and head west in the late 1800s?

For economic opportunity

Why were western lands suitable for ranching and farming

Large, expansive plains could support crops or animals

What was one impact of increased western population?

Colorado, the Dakotas, and other territories became states

In the late 1800s, what did cowboys, miners, and railroad workers all have in common?

They all faced danger and hardships

What part did railroads play in western settlement in the late 1800s?

They provided jobs and transported goods

How did western settlement affect Native Americans?

Western settlement forced Native Americans from their lands

Chief Sitting Bull and Colonel George Custer led the opposing forces at the Battle of Little Bighorn. What was the result?

Custer and all of his men were killed

What government intervention provided farm land for Native American families, but resulted in less land for tribal use?

Dawes Act

Which is true of the development of western land, timber, gold, and oil?

All had a negative impact on the environment

What did John D Rockefeller do to make Standard Oil a monopoly?

Set up a trust

Who developed the steel and oil industries in the US?

Andrew Carnegie and John D Rockefeller

Which best explains how railroads influenced modern business practice?

Issuing stocks and bonds

Which two innovations helped the railroads grow?

Air brakes and steam power

Why were time zones and standardization of tracks important for railroads?

They offered greater efficiency in production, safety, and scheduling

Which two innovators changed agriculture in the 1800s?

John Deere and Cyrus McCormick

What did George Westinghouse invent?

Alternating current

Who invented a working lightbulb?

Thomas Edison

What role did cotton, tobacco, and steel play in the South following the Civil War?

They were important to the growth and modernization of the southern economy

Which was a business practice employed by the titans of industry in the late 1800s?

Building monopolies

What agency was established to regulate rates that railroads charged across the nation?

Interstate Commerce Commission

What legislation was enacted to eliminate monopolies, trusts, or any agreement that restricted trade?

Sherman Antitrust Act

What was the biggest problem with the legislation that was passed to regulate commerce?

Companies found loopholes in the laws

In what document did Andrew Carnegie explain his idea that the wealthy should use their money for the common good?

The Gospel of Wealth

I high was a hazard faced by industrial workers in the late 1800s?

12- to 16-hour workdays

Which of the following was an organization of X-ray unions focused on improving wages and working conditions?

Samuel Gomper’s American Federation of Labor

Why did the government act quickly to end union-led strikes?

There was a belief that strikes were related to anarchy and socialism

Where did the Eastern European Jews primarily settle in the 1800s?

New York City

The first wave of immigrants to the US was largely from northern and Central Europe. Where did most of the second wave of immigrants come from?

Southern and Eastern Europe

What were the main sites for immigration to the US?

Ellis Island and Angel Island

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