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You need to enable hosts on your network to find the IP address of logical names such as srv1.myserver.com Which device would you use?

DNS server

You want to implement a protocol on your network that allows computers to find the IP address of a host from a logical name. Which protocol should you implement?


Listed below are several DNS record types. Match the record the on the left with its function on the right.

Points a hostname to an IPv4 A Provides alternate names to hosts that already have a host record. CNAME Points an IP address to a hostname PTR Points a hostname to an IPv6 address AAAA identifies servers that can be used to deliver mail. MX

Listed below are several DNS record types. Match the record type on the left with its function on the right.

Identify a domain controller- SRV identify a mail server- MX Map a host name to an IPv4 address- A Map an IPv4 address to a host name- PTR

which of the following services automatically creates and deletes host records wen an ip address lease is created or released?


If dynamic DNS is being used, which of the following events will cause a dynamic update of the host records?

The DHCP server renews an ip address lease The ipconfig/release command is entered on a workstation.

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