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You are trying to connect a new USB device to your computer. You install the driver, then connect the device to an open USB port. The Device does not work.

What should you do first?

Make sure the USB device is plugged in properly.

A user complains that his USB scanner no longer works. You check Device Manager and see an icon with a black down arrow on it. What should you do?

Enable the device in Device Manager.

You have just installed a new device in your Windows system. After installation, you can’t use the device. You check device manager and find an icon for the device with a yellow exclamation mark over it.

What should you do?

Download the latest driver from the manufacturer’s website.

You have just connected to a new USB device to your Windows system. You used the installation disc that came with the device to install the drivers needed to support the device. After installation, the system frequently crashes when you try to access the new device.

Download and install the latest driver from the manufacture’s website.

You have just installed several devices at once to a computer, but now the computer fails to boot properly. What should you do?

Remove all the newly added devices and install them one at a time.

Which system utility would you use to troubleshoot hardware devices, examine and control the resources used by specific devices, and install updated device drivers?

Device Manager

You have just installed a new hardware device, upgraded the driver, and installed the custom software that came with the device. Now you can’t get the device to work. What should you do first?

Run any diagnostics software that came with the device.

You recently installed a fiber-optic network board in an expansion slot in your system’s motherboard. You no longer need to use the integrated UTP board that is integrated in the motherboard.


In which of the following situation would driver roll back be the best tool to use?

You recently installed a new video driver and now the system behaves erratically.

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