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Print All, Pages, and Selected Record(s) are options available from the ____ for printing forms.

Print dialog box

The ____ is located to the right of the navigation buttons and is used to locate a specific record in a form.

Search box

To select both a field label and field value to move in a report design, after selecting the field label press the ____ key to select the field value box


Data in a form created from the primary table is contained in the ____.

main form

To design a form using the Form Wizard, begin by clicking on the ____ tab on the Access Ribbon.


____ is one of the options available from the Page Layout group on the PRINT PREVIEW tab when previewing how a report will print.

Changing page orientation

Viewing and printing options for forms and records are available on the ____ tab.


After a conditional formatting rule is created using the ____ dialog box, the rule is then available for use in the database from the Conditional Formatting Rules Manager dialog box.

New Formatting Rule

Options for modifying the format of report objects are found on the ____ tab in Layout view when the contextual REPORT LAYOUT TOOLS tab is available.


The less precise way to move objects in report Layout view is to ____.

drag objects

A form created from two tables that have a ____ relationship creates a main form and a subform.


A report formatted where the page is taller than it is wide is formatted in ____.

portrait orientation

Data in Date/Time fields are automatically ____-aligned.


To select both a field label and field value to move in a report design, after selecting the field label press the ____ key to select the field value box.


Before applying a conditional format in a report, the ____ box must be selected.

field value

Formatting used in a report that is applied to certain field values depending on the conditions set for the values is ____ formatting.


The appearance of fields in a report that is created using the Report Wizard is determined by ____.

the order the fields are selected in the Report Wizard

The REPORT LAYOUT TOOLS tabs are ____ tabs available only when working with report objects.


An item on a form or report object that can be manipulated to modify an object’s appearance is a(n) ____.


It is often easier to maintain data in a datasheet using a form because all changes for a ____ are the focus at one time.

single record

A ____ is a set of field values for a record that is found in a table related to the primary table on which a report is based.

detail record

Which of the following may be used as a wildcard character when searching for a value in Access?


in the accompanying figure, arrow number 1 identifies the button which indicates the form is displayed in _ view


data in a form may only be modified in _ view


a _ is a placeholder used in a search when the search should start or end with a specific character or match a particular pattern

wildcard character

in the accompanying figure, editing mode is indicated by which numbered arrow?


in the accompanying figure, which record number is the current record?


one _ available for specifying conditional formatting in a report is "check values in the current record or use an expression:

rule type

which of the following methods should be used in report layout view to edit a field caption object that is not fully displayed?

resize the object

which of the following characters represents the wildcard character that matches any one of a range of characters in ascending order

a wildcard character used as the first and/or the last character in a character string to match any number of characters is the _ charater


A predefined style that you can apply to a form or report.

auto format

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