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What is the cryptography mechanism which hides secret communications within various forms of data?

Steganography Polyinstantiation Codes Signals

Which of the following encryption methods combines a random value with the plain text to produce the cipher text?

One-time pad Steganography Transposition Elliptic Curve

Which type of cipher changes the position of the characters in a plain text message?

Transposition Steam Block Substitution

The Enigma machine, a cryptographic tool introduced in 1944 and used in WW2, encrypted messages by replacing characters for plain text. Which type of cipher does the Enigma machine use?

Transposition Steam Substitution Block

In a cryptographic system, what properties should the initialization vector have? (Select two.)

Uniform Predictable Short Unpredictable Large

Which of the following is a form of mathematical attack against the complexity of a cryptosystem’s algorithm?

Brute force attack a birthday attack Analytic Attack Replay attack

Which form of cryptanalysis focuses on the weaknesses in the supporting computing platform as a means to exploit and defeat encryption?<b>Statistical attack</b>

Analytic Attack Statistical Attack Implementation Attack Cipher text only attack

In which type of attack does the attacker have access to both the plain text and the resulting cipher text, but does not have the ability to encrypt the plain text?

Chosen cipher Known plaintext Brute Force Chosen plaintext

Your company produces an encryption device that lets you enter text and receive encrypted text in response. An attacker obtains one of these devices and starts inputting random plain text to see the resulting cipher text. What type of attack is this?

known plaintext Chosen plaintext Brute force Chosen cipher

When an attacker decrypts an encoded message using a different key than was used during encryption, what type of attack has occurred?

Statistical Analytical Key clustering Reply

Which of the following best describes a side-channel attack?

The attack exploits weaknesses in a cryptosystem such as an inability to produce random numbers or floating point errors The attack is based on information from the physical implementation of a cryptosystem The attack targets a weakness in the software, protocol, or encryption algorithm The attack targets the key containing a small data set

Which of the following password attacks adds appendages to known dictionary words?

Dictionary Brute force Hybrid Analytic

Which of the following attacks will typically take the longest amount of time to complete?

Impersonation attack Replay attack Brute force attack Dictionary attack

Which type of password attack employs a list of pre-defined passwords that it tries against a logon prompt or a local copy of a security accounts database?

Salami Brute Force Dictionary Asynchronous

Why are brute force attacks always successful?

They are fast They are platform indipendent They test every possible valid combination They are performed in a distributed parallel processing environment

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