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Why did artificial selection interest Darwin?

because he noticed certain traits being selected in animals such as livestock and pets

Why must selected traits be heritable?

in order for artificial or natural selection to occur

In natural selection, what must be true of traits that are passed down through generation?

they are only selected if they give advantages to iindividuals in the environment

What important idea from Thomas Malthus inspired Darwin?

resources such as food, water, and shelter were natural limits to population growth


producing many offspring, some of which may not survive


individual differences that may be heritable

descent with modification

a structure well-suited for the environment


a heritable trait becoming common in a population

Humans are the selective agent in which type of process, artificial or natural selection?

artificial selection

The environment is the selective agent in which type of process, artificial or natural selection?

natural selection

What is the measure of the ability to survive and produce more offspring relative to other members of the population called?


What is the ability of a trait to be passed down from one generation to the next called?


What are all the individuals of a species that live in an area called?

a population

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