10.1 Redundancy

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You have been asked to implement a RAID 5 solution for your network. What is the minimum number of hard disks that can be used to configure RAID 5?


Which of the following terms describes the actual time required to successfully recover operations in the event of an incident?

Recovery Time Objective (RTO)

Which of the following is a recovery site that may have electricity connected, but there are no servers installed and no high-speed data lines present?

Cold Site

Daily backups are done at the ABD company location and only a weekly backup is maintained at another network location. Which of the following disaster recovery strategies is ABD using?

Warm Site

You manage a website for your company. The Web site uses three servers configured in a cluster. Incoming requests are distributed automatically between the three servers. All servers use a shared storage device that holds the website contents. Each server has a single network connection and a single power supply. Considering the availability of your website, which component represents a single point of failure?

Website storage

You manage a website for your company. The Web site uses a cluster of two servers with a single shared storage device. The shared storage device uses a RAID 1 configuration. Each server has a single connection to the shared storage, and a single connection to your ISP. You want to provide redundancy such that a failure in a single component does not cause the website to be unavailable. What should you add to your configuration to accomplish this?

Connect one server through a different ISP to the Internet

What is the primary security feature that can be designed into a network’s infrastructure to protect and support availability?


What is the advantage of RAID 5 over RAID 1?

RAID 5 improves performance over RAID 1

When should a hardware device be replaced in order to minimize downtime?

Just before it’s MTBF is reached

Which form of alternate site is the cheapest but may not allow an organization to recover before reaching their maximum tolerable downtime?

Reciprocal agreement

Which of the following network strategies connects multiple servers together such that if one server fails, the others immediately take over its tasks, preventing a disruption in service?


You have a Web server on your network that hosts the public Web site for your company. You want to make sure that the Web site will continue to be available if a NIC, hard drive, or other problem prevents the server from responding. Which solution should you implement?

Load balancing

Which of the following drive configurations is fault tolerant?


You manage the website for your company. The WEB1 server hosts the website. This server has the following configuration…Which component is a single point of failure for the website?

Disk controller

You have been asked to deploy a network solution that requires an alternate location where operational recovery is provided within minutes of a disaster. Which of the following strategies would you choose?

Hot site

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