1.5 Network Protocols

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Which protocol is used on the world wide web to transmit web pages to the browser?


Your company has just acquired another company in the same city. You are given the task of integrating the two email systems so that the messages can be exchanged between the email servers. However, each network uses an e-mail package from a different vendor. Which TCP/IP protocol will enable messages to be exchanged between systems?


You are an application developer and are writing a program to excahnge video files through a TCP/IP network. You need to select a transport protocol that will guarantee delivery. Which TCP/IP protocol would you implement that provides this capability?


Which of the following protocols includes extensive error checking be ensure that a transmission is sent and received without mistakes?


You have a Large TCP/IP network and want to keep host real time clock synchronized. What protocol should you use?


What protocol sends e-mail to a mail server?


Which of the following protocols stores email on the mail server and gives users a choice to download mail or keep it on the server?


You are asked to recommend an email retrieval protocol for a company sales team. The sales team needs to access email from various locations and possibly different computers. The sales team does not want to worry about transferring email messages or files back and forth between these computers. which email protocol was designed for this purpose?


Which of the following TCP/IP Protocols do email clients use to download messages from a remote mail server?


The UDP transport protocol provides which of the following features ?

1) Connection less data services 2) Low overhead

Which protocol is used for securely browsing a website?


Which of the following protocols allows host to exchange messages to indicate problems with packet delivery?


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