The Importance Of Education For Individuals

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The reason why I choosing this topic is because I think education is very important to everyone. Education is also learning, and it will not have the end of learning in our life. We start our journey of learning when we were born. When I was a baby, I learned how to climb, how to walk, how to speak, and many things else that can affect my living life. It was an education that giving from my mother. After I started my primary lesson, I was learning about the other aspect of education. In school, teacher will teach us about the grammar, mathematics, and many other subjects. All these are education from different aspects. All of us are educated people because we learn everything that we feel interesting. Education is very beneficial for everyone as we can upgrade or update ourselves through education. Therefore, I want to excavation more importance of education in different aspects to let everyone know it is very important in our life.

2.0 Introduction

What is education? Education is playing a very important role for our self, the society as well as the country. The basic aim of education is to help each individual to inspire their own potential (Federation of Parents and Citizens’ Associations of New South Wales 2008). Besides, education is also focused on the values, attitudes and behaviours which enable all individuals to learn to live peacefully together in the world (UNESCO 1995). In 1960, UNESCO (1995) acknowledged the crucial role of education in ensuring equality of opportunity for members of all racial, national or ethnic groups.

In life, people can live without education but education is the fast way of helping people improve knowledge and experiences. An uneducated person cannot read and write and hence he is closed to all the knowledge and wisdom he can gain through books and other mediums (EduPower 2008). In other words, he is shut off from the outside world. In contrast, an educated man lives in a room with all its windows open towards outside world (Education Platform 2010). Therefore, a good education will decide the future of an individual, a society, as well as a country.

3.0 The importance of education for individuals

3.1 Gain knowledge

We can get worldwide information and knowledge through education (Oak 2011). That is because education let us able to receive information from the external humanity and receiving all important information regarding the current (Experts Column 2010). Education opens wonderful opportunities for the knowledge of a person to grow and expand even further. An educated person has an uncanny trait to look and learn more about new territories (McGregor 2010).

3.2 Training the human mind

A mind is the complex of cognitive faculties that enables consciousness, thinking, reasoning, perception, and judgment. Education is not only teaching people how to answer the exam but it is teaching people how to think, how to distinguish right and wrong, how to make decision and so on (Gattani 2010). It is a generative and beneficial thing in the life of a person as it is one of the important factors in the development of the mind (Study Mode 2005).

3.3 Bolsters Confidence

An educated person is a confident person. Education fosters a positive outlook and allows us to believe in ourselves. Self-belief is the most wanted trait in a human being and education leads us towards relying on ourselves, making us believe that we are ready to take on the world (Lifestyle Lounge 2010). Without adequate education and knowledge, people won’t involve themselves in any discussions such as group discussion in school. Thus, it depicts that proper education will give them the required confidence to put their opinions in front of everybody (Useful Articles 2012).

3.4 Career advancement

3.4.1 Educated people will get jobs more easily

Education is important because it equips us with all that is needed to make our dreams come true. It opens doors to brilliant career opportunities. Besides, it fetches better prospects in career and growth. Every employer today requires his prospective employees to be well-educated. So, education becomes an eligibility criterion for employment in any sector of the industry (Oak 2011).

3.4.2 Higher educated people will get a higher pay

Those people who able to produce qualifications and credentials that are essential for most types of better paying jobs. It is an obvious fact that educated people are far more successful and richer than those who are not. A study provides by Spagnoli (2012) shown that higher education people will get higher pay for their job. As shown in diagram 1of appendices, the income level for those people who are getting lower education are very low, less than 10k. Higher educations will most probably getting higher pay in their job. Therefore, income level of people was depending on the education of people.

4.0 Importance of education in society

4.1 A necessity for society

Education is necessary for society. Education fashions and models man for society. Man cannot be conceived merely in terms of his biological existence. Education brings into focus the social aspect of man. Therefore, education signifies man’s supreme position in society (Dushi 2012).

4.2 Makes Better Citizens

Education makes a worthy contribution to our lives by making us responsible citizens (MyNews 2010). We get to know our history and culture through education and imbibe those values. Education opens our mind and expands our horizon. Also, it enables us to understand our duties as a citizen and encourages us to follow them. There is no denying the fact that an educated person is a better citizen (Lifestyle Lounge 2010).

4.3 Reformation of attitudes

Education aims at the reformation of attitudes wrongly developed by children already. For various reasons the child may have absorbed a host of attitudes, beliefs and disbeliefs, loyalties and prejudices, jealously and hatred. These are to be reformed. It is the function of education to see that unfounded beliefs, illogical prejudices and unreasoned loyalties are removed from the child’s mind, though the school has its own limitations in this regard, it is expected to continue its efforts in reforming the attitudes of the child (Agarwal 2012).

4.4 Improve citizenry values

Education helps a lot in the improvement of the citizenry values that a person possesses. Proper education inculcates the feeling and abilities of a person to become better citizens of a particular area, who are completely aware about their cultural, social, national heritage, and so on. With the help of education, a person can become aware of the duties and responsibilities that a citizen is supposed to perform and understand deeply (Kumar 2012).

4.5 Making People Aware

Awareness is a chastity that cannot be prevalent in any society without proper education in an area. The thinking methods of the people in an area do not tend to advance until and unless they are properly educated. There are a lot of things that take place in this world on a daily basis. If proper education is not imparted to the people in the society, they will not be able to identify the right elements. With proper education comes proper awareness and with proper awareness, a person can understand and react to the events that are taking place in the surroundings in a proper manner (Useful Articles 2012)

5.0 Importance of education for a country

5.1An investment in human capital

A country with a strong education system can more definitely develop in the future. In developing a country, improving citizen’s learning is very important because their attitude towards a question can influence on development of country. Many studies have shown that high school and college education in the United States greatly raise the income of a person, even after netting out direct and indirect costs of schooling, and even after adjusting for the fact that people with more education tend to have higher IQs and better-educated, richer parents. If they work without education, this could be wasting a lot of resources and lead their country to go down (Becker 2008).

5.2 Dispels inequality

The problem of unfair treatment is happening in all country. For individuals who do not have a wealthy or fortunate background, the provision of quality education puts them at the same footing as the vast majority of job seekers allowing them to rise from their present level. This phenomenon also known as distributive justice, it helps in reducing inequalities for both economic and social in society (The Research Pedia 2012).

5.3 Reduce incidence of poverty

The statistic provides by WordPress (2011) indicates that there is a correlation between educational attainment and income level. The good news is that recent data from the U.S. Census Bureau demonstrates a strong positive correlation as educational level goes up, median income also rises. A study shown from United State, the average income per annum for those people who are only getting ninth through 12 grade education are only $25,705. While the average income for those who are getting higher education such as bachelor’s degree are around $55,864, which is a very big difference in annual income comparing to those people who have a lower education level (Refer to diagram 1of appendices). Therefore, a higher education will increase our income level and directly decrease the probability of poverty.

5.4 Economic growth

A country’s economy becomes more productive as the proportion of educated workers increases, since educated workers are able to more efficiently carry out tasks that require literacy and critical thinking. As stated earlier, better-educated workers tend to be more productive than less educated ones. Therefore, many countries have placed greater emphasis on developing an education system that can produce workers able to function in new industries, such as those in the fields of technology and science (Radcliffe 2012).

6.0 Conclusion

From the previous discussion, we can see there are many benefits of education in difference aspects such as benefits that bring to an individual, for a society, as well as for a country.

From my opinion, government and other private associations should take place to promote the education level of citizens. For instance, government can provide subsidy or loan for those people who cannot afford the expensive schooling fee. While parents should also provides the proper education to their children at home such as moral education.

A proper education will change the quality of life of a person in their future. As mentioned above, people who were getting higher education will also helps in their career as an educated person will be more getting job more easily and the pay that received will also be higher. Income level increase will lead the quality of live increase as well. Furthermore, this phenomenon will also directly increase the national income of a country. Therefore, there is a closely link between the education level of an individual, a society, and a country.

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