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The book “Expect to Win” by Monte Holm identifies various strategies for an individual to reverse engineer his or her life and achieve set goals and future dreams. The first three chapters are important in describing some of the strategies and ways of changing a gear of life such that set targets are achieved.

The first chapter “From Humble Beginnings to the American Dream” provides an insight into the life struggle of Monte Holm.  Holm describes the way fate never favored him since he was not born wealthy as he belonged to a large and poor family. He narrates how the death of his father affected him and the bold step he took by leaving home. He describes how his determination helped him become successful as he took bold steps such as starting his business.  The chapter sheds light on the life of Holm and the struggles and sacrifices he made to be successful.

The second chapter “The Success Pipeline and Reverse Engineering” discusses the importance of having in mind the end status of every activity if a person wants to succeed. Success is the end status of most people and it depends on faith, vision, goals, desire, discipline, and self-respect. Holm describes the success pipeline planning strategy and differentiates it from the default pipeline strategy. According to him, a person’s input determines the output he gets. He then describes how various areas of focus have changed his life through reverse engineering and they include finances, family, faith, and fitness.

The third chapter “Faith: Succeed and Win” describes the importance of having faith for one to be successful. Holm describes faith as principles of power in that when a person has faith in himself or herself, he or she can easily overcome challenges. He identifies three steps of success that are seeing, believing, and achieving. According to him, all these steps require faith. Therefore, every person who wants to be successful should put faith first before anything. The faith, however, should be firm.

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