Functional Health Patterns Community Assessment Guide

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Scottsdale, Arizona was built in 1951 and is the sixth biggest town in Arizona in the United States. The Scottsdale city is estimated to be 184.2 square miles situated in the picturesque Sonoran Desert situated just east of Phoenix, and also north of the well known Salt River Pima also known as Maricopa Indian Community. It can also be located near McDowell Mountains, which is on the west side. The Town endorsed motto is “The West’s most Western Town.” The town is a critical zone for new urban progress and development, and city center of Scottsdale is seen as the superb urban center in Arizona. The city also takes honor in upholding clean facade and enhancing character zones like the Old City zones in south Scottsdale. It is usually defined by its high quality of lifestyle and most peaceful citizens thus its people health is the key concern the county government of Scottsdale.

Keywords: Scottsdale, Arizona, health

Scottsdale Arizona Values and Belief Patterns

Scottsdale, Arizona is made up of 217,385 people that call the town home; they have a resilient meaning of community. The community is made of 89.3% white race, mostly Christian, and a mass number of people in Scottsdale are English speakers; they speak English. Hispanics race, on the other hand, they have a huge presence in the society (“City of Scottsdale – Home,” 2017).

Residents who hold a degree in Bachelors Certificates are 52%. The living cost of people in Scottsdale is higher than the national median with a middle home price income of $306,500. The town of Scottsdale has a community park which is twelve in number as well as senior centers including neighborhood parks proposing recreational activities like walking, gymnastic, skydiving, and bungee jumping which community enjoys.

Scottsdale Arizona, Health Management

Around 25.7% of the residents take part in physical activities that can take a duration of sixty minutes in a week. Scottsdale is also ranked among the top 10 cities that pollute the air in the country whereby it’s above average amount of air (Scottsdale=31.8, US =28.3) and particulate substance (Scottsdale=33.3, US=22.1). A thin brown cloud is usually apparent on poor air days. The vulnerable people in the community are children and the elderly who are at risk for respiratory diseases like bronchitis as well as asthma.  A large group of individuals who live in Scottsdale, Arizona are lacking vitamin D, and only 22.3%  have vitamin D level >30ng/ml that has the most favorable range between 50-80ng/ml.

Scottsdale Arizona, Nutrition Management

A resident of Scottsdale has a nutrition scarcity linked to lacking vitamin D levels and poor nutritional diet intake. Healthy food option, like improving fresh fruits and vegetable consumption and healthy foods rich in vitamin D, is suggested for the society. Unexpectedly, Scottsdale Healthcare infrastructure is the leading employer in the town and has over 4,500 staff, and the native Mayo Clinic listed fifth with about 1,800 staff (” the City of Scottsdale – Home,” 2017). The Rate of Obesity is 24.3%, lower than the country average of 35.7%, and nonetheless almost a fourth of people are obese. This estimation is philosophical of the entire process in obesity ratio from the availability of wastewater reuse and water banking, 132 listing of fast food restaurant in yellow page and other healthy options available for the community.

Elimination (Environmental Health Concerns)

Air pollution affects the community, pollution such as noise, smog, heavy traffic sounds, and garbage disposal. Pest control, on the other hand, is spotted due to pesticide usage. Hygiene practices methods such as hand washing and use of washing machines for laundry usage. Laundry mats, on the other hand, are plenty, dry cleaners in residence, only cleaners in some residence as well. A large number of the bathroom inspected for cleanliness, and some restroom wants their staff members to sign in when they have used the bathroom to maintain cleanliness. Bathrooms are clean and stocked with sanitation pieces of equipment such as (Gloves and detergents). Temperature monitoring is also necessary (70-75) Celsius at schools and parks. Badges and access cards for security reason, volunteer police patrols especially the elderly.

Scottsdale Arizona, Exercise management

The Parks and Recreational community centers in Scottsdale including YMCA centers, which recommend courses that create awareness on health services and could, assist nutritional education to the people of Scottsdale. People of Scottsdale value health campaigns to optimistically influence the livelihood of children and families. As a result, recommended for healthy eating habits. Scottsdale is a good community to live in, and also to tour because of the fun and outdoor activities. It is a clean city; Teaching about healthy habit is a necessity for better health.

Scottsdale Arizona, Sleep, and Rest Management

A rest period of  Scottsdale, Arizona community can be compared with sleep period of National Institute of Health [NIH], exercising in the late hours of the night and eating Caffeine, affects Scottsdale Arizona residence sleep. Sleeping for 6-9 Hours, it shows restlessness, and low energy level, Makeup beautiful clothes for the weather, less coffee needed.

Issues Affecting Sleep

Shifts work for staff members, noises near military bases, airports, near football stadiums, consumption of caffeine and drugs, about four major universities in Scottsdale, Arizona take coffee to a high amount, the average age is (20-30), again nightlife crowd in Downtown Arizona. Heroin, marijuana, cocaine increase also contribute to sleep deprivation in the area.

Extracurricular activities: High school student’s results to 3 hours of school work every night, Elementary school 2.9 hours, middle schools 3.2 hours, after school works out exercise about 3 hours for some like football. Finally, health issues like Diabetics type 1 and 2, hypertension and obesity, and above all cancer also contribute in sleep deprivation since they affect the normal human functioning system by putting the body at unrest.

Scottsdale, Arizona Cognitive-Perceptual management

Primary language is English, Arabic, Spanish and Vietnamese (a possible barrier in interaction). About 3.71% of Scottsdale, Arizona population speaks a different language than English. Scottsdale, Arizona High school, graduates 87.5% include Bachelor degrees or any other higher certification 34.4% (” the City of Scottsdale – Home,” 2017).

Educational proposals (GED, continuing education), other programs includes Community Colleges, Hospital training, and in-service care for the hospital. Arizona state university, adult night tutoring, Appaloosa school for adults, children outreach programs, the internet everywhere, computers at most learning institutions, funding resources, academic scholarships, student loans (“Concerned Citizens Scottsdale,” 2017).

Scottsdale, Arizona Self-Perception management

Many families in Appaloosa are mainly in their 20s and 30s in Scottsdale, kids age between 5 are about 6.7 in population, people who are below 18 are 22.7%, individuals who are over 65 are 12.5%. Programs that linked to society building are Scottsdale Arizona mentoring program.

Scottsdale, Arizona Role and Relationship Management

Communication of other members in the community like openness and prejudices programs prevents bullying of the interracial community, the homeless population in the downtown, and those lacking medical insurance. Gang not a positive influence in the society, all employees to work in a conducive environment, which is free from sexual harassment. Arizona police had charges of groping and sexual favors. They had to file response time, which is right under 10 minutes (“City of Scottsdale – Police,” 2017). Arizona blood banks also have blood drives near schools and supermarkets like Wall Mart.

Scottsdale, Arizona Sexuality management

Behavior among a community, where there is teachers –students’ relationship, many relationships with a gap (10-15) years. Teen marriages (15.6%),  married (45.1), now married(54.7%), divorce (1%), single 16.2%.Educational programs like development and progress, teaching contraception, abstinence, STD/HIV, planned parenthood- teaching prevention techniques of STD, and Access to Birth control (“Concerned Citizens Scottsdale,” 2017).

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