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Music comes in unique composition and play. Elements that separate one from the other include the artistic styles of play and the theme. Artist styles depend on the time and audience the music is played for. A time when the music was played also, dictate a lot in the music industry and is a combination of instrumentation (Clark 2). As an example, two pieces of music, “Buddy Bolden Blues” by Winton Marsalis and “Day Tripper-Love in Tokyo” by Paul McCartney present different concepts in music. These pieces have other similarities in play and are worth diagnosing. In this paper is an analysis of the differences and similarities in the two pieces of music from the elements of music as rhythm, texture, and form.

Wynton Marsalis introduces the “Buddy Bolden Blues” by a trumpet and a trombone playing on a high note. He continues and makes a continuous variation of tone from. His tone changes with the trumpet making a bass sound (Marsalis, 2012). At the same time, the interchange in leading sound of the two instruments is evident from the manners of play. However, the trombone takes the lead and determines the sound of the trumpet in the next beat. Nevertheless, the texture is not smooth, as the mixing does not take a laptop orchestra that comes out on a proper pitch.

“Day Tripper-Love in Tokyo” differs from the “Buddy Bolden Blues” from the high and rough drumbeat. The guitars mix in a smooth sound before the singing begins. The drumbeat is rough and plays at a faster pace. As he starts to sing, he takes on a tena. Singing and instrumentation go in line with each other without any sound reducing. In some lines, the voices change from the standard pitch to high or low, as in the 0:49 minute (McCartney 2015). However, in most minutes, the music is rough in texture. The guitar and the drum are perfectly synchronized to match the pace and lowers when they take a speed brake in the first minute (Clark 2). During the break, the singer extends their singing at a high tone.

Even though there is not much similarity between the two pieces of music, one similarity is the constant pace. Some are alternative but repeat intermittently throughout the song. Both singing groups had a consistent rhyme in all the others

These two pieces of music differ in the pace and the composition. “Buddy Bolden Blues” has no singing and uses the instrumentals at a similar tone and pitch. Compared to the Day Tripper, it has a consistent rhythm, not frequently changing within the singing. One instrument that brings the difference is the drum in the Day-Tripper, which plays throughout. As it plays, the different drum sizes have different pitches that mix in the playing. Moreover, the “Day Tripper” avoids the fundamental pitch, which is the lowest tone of a musical instrument. Numbers of artists are also noticeable in the “Day Stripper”, whose beats mix well in the laptop orchestra.


In conclusion, the music pieces, “Buddy Bolden Blue” and the “Day Tripper” differ in their composition ad tempo. Singing and pitches vary and vary depending on the time of the song. An example is the “Day-Tripper” that has combinations of varied instruments, playing at steady rhythms. The differences are much from the tones, instruments, and pace.

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