Comparison of fatal Attraction and Body Heat.

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The relationship between the fatal attraction and the heat of the bodies has contributed majorly to the decay of some social values.  From the recent films, the information just like the noir films of the previous cinematic era has again explored the social values undermining part of life. This introduces the establishment of the noir themes of concern, like violence, corruption, greed and worst of it is that it influence the growth of lust among the people.

Considering the attractive futility of the human bodies, the moral complexity of life has been encouraged by the themes mentioned above though they appear to be conserving and simplifying the social ideologies, which are not the case, as Liahna quotes the characterization by Richard, a “retrenchment along the sexual front lines.” (Babener). There is a list of films, which were released at around 1980s when the Reagan government was in the exit at state. Most of the movies are the noir fatal attractive films like someone to watch over me, The Believers, The big easy, and even, the untouchable. The implication of them is the entanglement of the modern life and how it has posed a threat to the patriarchal society as a weakened manhood, sexuality in female dominion and ways of empowering the feminine in that time during the production of the films.

Secondly, the fatal attraction also influences the course of the traditional activities. The most reactive of all is the marriage, which is the prerogative thing, “bedrock of harmony” (Babener).  Whenever the marriage is deteriorated, it spreads long and rapidly to affect different cultural values and the traditional beliefs. The film puts it in the manner that the believers also compromise even the religious rights, that is the religious groups are masked up by the effects of noir films. This is because of the sexual politics for example which dominates in various Google sites.

Like all the other countering films, noir fatal attraction films are based majorly on the traditional American family. It culturally throws a fight with every member of the family right from the breadwinner father, the caring and loving mother and nonetheless the most prone group the family children. Though it is like the old era films are assimilated into the 1980s, the moral and ideological centroid is still alienated with the patriarchal unit and more so the American history of traditions and culture. Before the 1960s the television families, for instance, the Nelsons, the Cleavers and the Andersons, they found an advantage on the fatal attraction films. In that, the families could be reinforced by it in the issues of father’s governance, mother’s solidarity with the household, the essence of the old day’s domesticity and material handling about wealth and love conservation.

In comparison, the noir body heat is just but another crime film like the fatal attraction and the old 1950s films. These films have a higher quotient of sex and violence crime induction than their 1930s counterparts do. As per Andrew Spicer cited by Geoff, (Mayer). There is a notion that film noir is the black movies and the earliest white films which have a bad influence to the dreams of the Americans. There could be some truth in this, but it is subject to discussion because it is most likely to have been a construction created by old time critics and scholars of cultural values conservation. Film noir is divided into three separate elements including the formal, thematic and philosophical elements. This brings about the mind over-work and leads to nightmares.

The Maltese Falcon, discussed by Geoff argues that body heat is a single phenomenon which involves t5he use of the flashbacks, voice and may be downbeat endings destructs the culture between men and women and brings disorder in between men-women relationships which are seen in the “femme fatale” (Mayer and McDonnell).  The conduct of men and women after the influence of body heat noir does not keep an eye on maintaining the social values, and this is characterized by the earlier mentioned violence, and sexual misconduct.

Moreover, women are out of control when rated on the same body heat condition with men, so they become the most vulnerable group, which is affected by body heat movies. With the changing politics of films from the easily manipulated old films, it is now complex to control the impact of current films on majorly the feminine. Thus, the new form of living style has some roots on the current films’ politics and the attitude the person developed over it.

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