EMT- Chapter 5

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"Chondro" in the word chondritis means:


"Gastro" in the word "gastroenteritis" means:


"Myo" in the word myocarditis means:


A 5-year-old boy has fallen and has a severe deformity of the forearm near the wrist. He has possibly sustained a fracture of the ____________ forearm.


A diabetic patient has polydipsia. This means that she:

is excessively thirsty

A patient has fractured both femurs. Anatomically, these injuries would be described as being:


After applying a tourniquet, the injury from a patient’s leg stops bleeding. This is called:


An intoxicated 40-year-old male is found lying face down. How would you document his body’s position?


EMTs should have a strong working knowledge of medical terminology in order to:

communicate effectively with other members of the health care team

In relation to the chest, the back is:


The ___________ of the heart is the inferior portion of the ventricles.


The meaning "around" can have which of the following prefixes?

"peri-" and "circum-"

The root "melan/o" means:


The suffix "-pathy" means:


The term "pericardiocentesis" means:

the removal of fluid from around the heart.

The topographic term used to describe the location of body parts that are closer toward the midline of the body is:


Which of the following suffixes mean "pertaining to"?

"-al" and "-ic"

Which of the following suffixes mean "two"?

"dipl-" and "bi-"

You are transporting a 67-year-old female patient to the hospital for investigation of abdominal pain. The patient care record indicates that the patient has a history of AAA. Based on this information, the patient care record includes an abbreviation for:

abdominal aortic aneurysm

You are transporting to a 66-year-old patient with a history of heart problems. The patient chart indicates that he has hepatomegaly. The root of the term indicates that:

the problem is with the patient’s liver

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