Career Exploration Project-Registered Nurse

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The purpose of pursuing education is to have a career. Most people have a problem identifying their career and some end up in careers they never imagined. It is important for a person to identify a career they would like to pursue. It not only gives them the feeling of self-satisfaction but they are constantly motivated to do what they like on a day-to-day basis. Nursing is one of the most popular careers pursued by most people who like sciences. Once they complete their Bachelors of science in Nursing, they specialize in various of nursing. The paper explores the career of a registered nurse. Specifically, it talks about the work setting, salaries and wages, career outlook and personal assessment. All these are aimed at identifying whether the career is worth pursuing or not.

Career Exploration Project-Registered Nurse

My career of interest has always been nursing. I want to become a nurse to because I want to care for others. Every day, I see people who are sick and unable to help themselves. I often feel that if I had the skills and knowledge, I would be able to make a difference in the society. It is only through being a nurse that I can help people of different ages to overcome their sickness and live healthy lives. As a nurse, I would have several duties and responsibilities. These would include providing hands-on care to patients by monitoring and observing the conditions of patients, communicating with doctors, administering medications and maintaining records. Nurses are also expected to provide supervision and direction to home health aides and nurse aides. Registered nurses are also expected not only to provide the physical support but also emotional support to both the patient and family members. They may also be required to provide education to the public on issues such as medical conditions, diet plans and disease management. Among the responsibilities, I would like providing emotional support to the patient and family members. I would like to be the person who gives strength and hope to family members of patients during their difficult moments. On the other hand, I would dislike maintain records. As much as it is important, I have had a history of poor record keeping.

Personal Characteristics

A nurse is required to have certain characteristics other than just being kind and passionate. They are expected to be more like doctors. They are required to have certain unique characteristics in order to achieve fulfillment and offer patients the best quality service. Communication skills are a very important trait that nurses are required to possess. Nurses are required to speak and listen to their patients as well as colleagues (Stanfield, Cross & Hui, 2012). Poor communication skills in the field could lead to serious accidents and even death. Emotional stability is another important characteristic needed because nursing is very stressing and has a lot of traumatic situations. Others include empathy, attention to detail, flexibility, problems solving skills, physical endurance and interpersonal skills (Stanfield, Cross & Hui, 2012). I believe my personality is in line with that of a nurse. I’m flexible and always ready to embrace change. In addition, I have always been lauded for having excellent communication and problem solving skills (United States & United States., 2008). Hence, I believe I’m able to fit in the profession very well and become a success. In addition, the profession also comes with challenges, security and a feeling of self-satisfaction. Helping people every day would not only give me the feeling of self-satisfaction but I would also feel that I’m adding value to the society.

Education Needed

To become a nurse, one needs to complete either an associate degree or a bachelor’s degree. A bachelor’s degree in science (Nursing) takes four years to complete and learners go through clinical training in a non-hospital setting (Stanfield, Cross & Hui, 2012). Nurses who may want to get into consultancy, administration, teaching or research positions are required to pursue master’s degree in nursing. Once degrees have been achieved, nurses have to pass the NCLEX-RN which is a national licensing exam (United States & United States., 2008). From here, RNs can pursue different specialties based on the type of facility, illness category and type of patient.

Work Setting

I would work for eight hours a day for five days and rest during the weekends. I would also like to alternate shifts where there are certain days of the week I work during the day and others during the night. On the work setting, I would like to work in private physician offices that are less stressful and more organized. I would love the organization and the quality of service provided by the physicians in the institutions. Health care is a service required in every region that has a population (United States & United States., 2008). All states in the U.S. would hence require registered nurses to fulfill their medical needs. Nurses are hired by hospitals, clinics, private practice firms, and the government. Some of the major employers of registered nurses in Texas include the Memorial Hermann Medical Center, Tenet Healthcare, Scott and White Memorial Hospital, Texas Health Resources, Trinity Mother Frances Health System and CHRISTUS Health among others.

Wages and Benefits Entry Wages

An entry level registered nurse earns an average of $25.89 per hour. The range of wages is between $21.96 and $40.08 (“Registered Nurses”, 2017). These wages and salaries are accompanied with other benefits such as insurance, paid vacation, sick leave, bonuses and job promotions among others (Stanfield, Cross & Hui, 2012). According to my personal expectation, I believe that an annual wage of roughly $66, 640 per year is adequate and sufficient enough to meet my needs. With such a salary, I would manage to live in a decent apartment, pay my bills comfortably and even invest. Comparing the cost of living in Houston and other states, I believe it is quite affordable. The cost of living depends primarily on the cost of housing, wages, utilities, health, transportation, grocery and miscellaneous. Houston is quite affordable as it ranks lower than these other states.

Occupational outlook

The employment of registered nurses is expected to grow by 16% by 2024, which is even higher than the growth of populations. The growth in employment will be due to the growing rates of chronic illnesses such as obesity and diabetes, emphasis on preventive care, and demand for healthcare services.

Personal Assessment

I want to become a nurse because I have always had a passion and interest in helping and caring for other people. Nursing fits my personality because I always have new goals to achieve and I also like to take on challenges. The profession also offers me work diversity and different areas of study. Once I complete my associate degree, I plan to pursue my Bachelors of Science in nursing as far as my educational plans are concerned. Once I become a nurse, I believe I will have a sense of pride and a rewarding career because I will be helping people achieve great health. I will also have a flexible schedule, instead of the traditional 9-5 schedule. On the other hand, the career will come with certain negative aspects. There will be physical demands such as lifting and transferring patients, and being on my feet for long hours of thee day or night. Dealing with the death of a patient is another negative aspect. It is inevitable to get attached to a person when caring for them and once they die, the experience is very difficult.

Volunteer organization

Texas has many volunteer organizations that come to the rescue of children and adults with different problems. Recipe For Success Foundation, Turning point center and Family to Family Network are some of the volunteer organizations in the state. As a nurse I would provide organize sessions with them on how to live healthy lives and offer care to those who are suffering. In terms of professional organizations, I would join the American Nursing Association, the International council of Nurses and the Academy of Neonatal Nursing.

In conclusion, I believe that nursing is one of the most rewarding careers. Helping people with different problems everyday not only gives someone a feeling of satisfaction but also self-importance. It also comes with prestige and great flexibility. Despite its ups, nursing is also one of the most demanding professions. One is required to stand for long hours and be physically fit. The wages, on the other hand, are attractive as they can meet my needs. Furthermore, I’m entitled to certain benefits that further make nursing desirable. I believe that by pursuing this profession, I will be in the career of my dream.

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