Terms of Use

The following Terms and Conditions govern your use of the Subjecto website. By accessing and using any of the resources and/or services of the site, you agree to all of the provisions of this Agreement. If you do not agree with any of these provisions, you should exit from the site.

Proprietary Rights Held by Subjecto

Subjecto (aka the Company, we, our, us) holds sole proprietary rights and interests in and to all of the content on the Company website, including text, visuals, illustrations, graphics, video, data, and all other related materials accessed through the site. Use of the Company site and any materials does not grant ownership to you, and you may not use such resources or materials for any commercial purposes.

Grant of Limited License

 You have the right to access and view all of the content and resources on our website. And you may make single, one-time copies of materials for your personal use. In this instance, we grant to you a limited, non-transferable license. This license will terminate automatically when you cease to use the materials you have copied or downloaded. You may not sell, lease, or transfer copied or downloaded materials to any third party. We also reserve the right to alter materials and resources housed on our website at any time, without providing any prior notice.

Trademark Restrictions

 Trademarks, service marks, and/or logos that represent our Company are the property of the company. Any trademarks, service marks, or logos that appear on our website from other parties are the sole property of those parties. No user or customer may make use of these items without express permission from the owners of these items.

Customer Submitted Materials

 Should users of our site submit written materials for editing, analysis, or consultation services, those materials will be considered confidential, and property rights belong to the user. Users who submit materials for our services warrant that these are their own and not the property of any other party.

User Obligations and Prohibitions 

  1. Any commercial use of the content, resources, or materials on the Subjecto website is strictly prohibited, except when permission is provided in writing.
  2. Any user who uses the site improperly will result in the Company seeking legal recourse for intellectual property violation.
  3. The Company reserves the right to terminate any user account should it find that said user has mis-used the site or engaged in inappropriate or unlawful activity when using the site.
  4. User agrees not to “screen scrape” any site content nor to engage in “hacking” activity that would provide access to information housed on any company servers.
  5. User agrees not to engage in any activity that would disrupt or interfere with the Company site or any of its products or services.
  6. User agrees that the personal information s/he provides will be held confidentially and that s/he will not reveal his/her personal identity to any editor, analyst, or consultant with whom s/he is working. User further agrees not to solicit any personal information from an editor, analyst, or consultant. Further, user agrees to notify the Company immediately should any editor, analyst, or consultant reveal his/her personal information or request such information from him/her.

Company Public Forums 

The company may decide to create public forums for users to access and provide comments. These might include blogs, discussion boards, and other such platforms. Comments submitted to such platforms are public and not protected by any confidentiality provisions. Users agree not to provide personal information on such platforms.

Third-Party Links 

There are links to third-party websites on the company website, because their products or services may be of interest to our users. Users understand that should they link to any of these third-party websites, any of the protections that exist on our website no longer apply. Further we are not responsible or liable for any negative consequences of linking to these websites.


User agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Company, its employees, its directors, its affiliates or agents from any and all consequences as a result of the use of the Company websites, any of its materials or resources, or any of its services.

Use Requirements 

To use the Subjecto website, users must register on the site and create an account with username and password. User agrees to provide accurate personal information. User is further responsible for keeping account information confidential and for notifying the company immediately should any breach of that account occur. User accounts are not transferable.

Changes to Company Website 

Company reserves the right to alter, terminate or in any way change the content, resources, or services provided on the website, without prior notification.

Changes to Terms of Use Agreement 

Company reserves the right to alter or modify any of these terms of use provisions at any time. such changes will be effective upon posting of them.

Consent for Communication 

By providing your email address to the company, you agree to accept email communications from the company. These communications may relate transactions between user and company or relate to announcements, changes, and other matters.

Full Agreement 

These terms of use constitute the entire agreement between the company and a user. Should any of these provisions be deemed illegal in any jurisdiction or should the company choose not to enforce any of these provisions, all other provisions remain in effect.

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