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Writing Workshop- The Importance of Free Enterprise

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The ____________ of an argumentative essay must include a statement that describes what the essay will discuss.


Which question can most help a writer revise an argumentative essay?

Do details provide support for the claim?

While revising an argumentative essay, a writer should

make sure each paragraph has a clearly stated point.

Which describes the purpose of body paragraphs in an argumentative essay? Check all that apply.

to use quotations that enhance the position to include reasons and evidence from research to add examples that support the main idea

Which statement is an example of an effective claim for an argumentative essay?

The free enterprise system has forced some people out of business, allowing only large wealthy companies and people to succeed.

A free enterprise system provides individuals the opportunity to make their own economic decisions without restrictions from the government. It allows the supply and demand of consumers to determine the success or failure of an economic endeavor. It also requires entrepreneurs to rise or fall on their own without government support. Do you believe this type of economic system is more or less helpful, and why? Write an argumentative essay that explains your position.

What will be the topic of the essay?

the free enterprise system

What is the last step in creating an argumentative essay?


What are reputable sources for an argumentative essay about the free enterprise system? Check all that apply.

government-sponsored websites about a market economy university websites that explain several economic systems primary sources that focus on the history of the economy

A(n) _____________ essay expresses and defends an opinion or position.


During the revision phase for an argumentative essay, a writer should

check the style and tone.

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