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Writing an Effective Résumé

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When creating your résumé, you should _____.

d. all of the above

The best way to start a statement on your résumé is with _____.

c. an active verb

Which one of the following words is NOT an action verb?

d. happy

Résumés should be written in complete sentences.


"Are you looking for a rewarding opportunity in management?"
The above statement is taken from a job advertisement. If Jessica is tailoring her résumé to this advertisement, which of the following words should she include, because it is most likely a keyword?

d. management

Keywords should never be repeated in a résumé.


Searching a résumé for keywords can be compared to searching the Internet when conducting research.


A synonym for a word may be included as a keyword.


Which of the following statements best describes a person’s accomplishments following the résumé writing guidelines?

a. Coordinated school’s student-body elections and reduced final ballot processing time by 30%

Résumé search programs often search for _____.

a. nouns

In order to make a résumé persuasive and not self-centered, omit the use of the word _____.

d. All of the above

Given the option of receiving a generic résumé or a tailored résumé, employers prefer generic résumés.


A specific job title would be an example of a keyword.


Employers search résumés for keywords manually and electronically.


Specific words or phrases that represent the required skills, knowledge, and capabilities for a position defines _____.

c. keywords

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