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Writing 293 quiz

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Maintaining academic integrity requires (check all that apply)

Citing your research sources according to the rules of a specific style, Completing exams in an honest way, being informed about the academic integrity rules of your school and your specific course

Citing adds authority and content to your writing because you work will often be evaluated according to the quality of your research.


Plagiarism occurs when

You present another persons ideas, intentionally, or unintentionally, as your own

The three major documentation styles consist of Chicago?turabian, MLA, and


Including citations as you write and going back and inserting them later are both effective methods of ensuring that your citations are accurate?


An argument that is supported by research and strong evidence is call

A thesis statement

Periadicals like USA Today and Engineering News Record are examples of academic, peer-review sources


What are the four main criteria to use when evaluating resources?

Authority, reliability, coverage, currency

In order to adhere to academic integrity guidelines, there were three strategies Yasmin considered while constructing her paper. Which of these is NOT one of those strategies

Audience analysis

In the documentation style, footnotes and endnote are used in in-text citations


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