World History – Unit 4 Terms and Mentor Questions

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What dominates the northern third of the continent of Africa?


The Bantu-speaking people had an advantage over the hunter-gatherers they displaced because of what skill?


Which was not a major cause for the Bantu migrations?


Which helped lead to Aksum’s rise to power?

extensive trade

Which is not true about maize?

Maize could be used to make building materials and clothing.

Which is true about Maya civilization?

The Maya elite were banned from marrying commoners.

Which was not an important advance made by the Maya?

devised an accurate map of the world

What was Justinian’s Code?

a single, consistent set of laws for the Byzantine Empire

Which describes what Theodora achieved as Justinian’s most trusted adviser?

getting laws passed to give married women more rights and to protect divorced women

What caused the Christian church to divide into two branches, the Eastern Orthodox Church and the Catholic Church?

differences in language, liturgy, and views on religious icons

What was a result of the work done by the monks Cyril and Methodius?

Orthodox Christianity spread to Slavic cultures.

Which is true about Byzantine culture?

It created spectacular works of art, including mosaics and frescoes.

Which was not a major accomplishment of Byzantine culture?

the Aeneid

Which group invaded the Slavic homeland beginning in the ninth century?


What did Vladimir, prince of Kiev, do in 988 to help unify his people?

He converted to Orthodox Christianity.

What is the name of the book in which Muhammad’s words and teachings were collected?

the month in which Muslims fast during daylight hours

What is Ramadan?

the month in which Muslims fast during daylight hours

Which accurately describes Islamic belief?

Allah is the same God that Jews and Christians worship.

Which describes what happened to Islam after the death of Muhammad?

It spread rapidly, quickly covering an area from Spain to India.

Which led to the division between Sunni and Shia following the death of Muhammad?

conflict over who should be the caliph

Which was not an advancement that the Muslims made?

They invented monasticism.

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