World History Unit-12 Lesson-1 The Italian Renaissance

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What was a political impact of Machiavelli’s book The Prince?

It made people reconsider views of government and political power

How did Renaissance humanists differ from medieval thinkers?

They were interested in inquiry and exploration, as well as the idea that humans could prefect themselves

How did Renaissance Europe differ from medieval Europe?

Scholars focused more on secular humanities

"Walk forwards in the radiance of the past- Petrarch"
How does the quotation connect to the Renaissance principle of humanism?

Humanity progresses by building upon past knowledge

What new Renaissance artistic technique, partly revived from classical times, did Leonardo da Vinci use?

realism, as in his painting of the Mona Lisa

Which statement accurately describes the Duomo in Florence?

Built by Brunelleschi, it was inspired by the Pantheon in Rome

How did Petrarch’s work reflect the spirit of the Renaissance?

by valuing classical learning

How did Donatello’s life-size statue of a soldier on horseback reflect Renaissance culture?

It used an ancient Greek or Roman art form

How would a historian most likely use this map?

to support the idea that commerce centered in Italy led to the Renaissance

If you plotted on a map how Renaissance culture spread through cities on a major sea routes, which of these cities would you include? Select all that apply

-Genoa -Naples -Venice

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