World History Chapter 6

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The main issue in the Struggle of the Orders was the

plebeians’ efforts to obtain recognition of their rights

Pontius Pilate condemned Jesus to death because

he was concerned about maintaining social order

The challenge of feeding Rome’s large population was solved during its "golden age" by

providing free bread, olive oil and wine to the population

the Carthaginian general who brought the Second Punic War to Rome was


The city of Carthage was founded by what culture in the eighth century BCE?


In addition to war, mars was also the god of


In the Roman Empire, slavery

became more widespread as the empire grew

In the civil war that followed the end of the first triumvirate, who did the Senate support?


The first Punic War ended with a Roman victory and the creation of Rome’s first


As dictator of Rome, Julius Caesar

enacted a series of basic reforms throughout the empire.

According to tradition, in 509 BCE the Romans expelled the Etruscans following

the rape of a Roman women by an Etruscan king

Some Roman military losses were blamed on the cult of what god or goddess?


According to the Romans creation myth, Romulus ruled Rome with the assistance of

a senate

The Romans referred to the native people of northern and eastern Europe as


The Etruscans had a non-Indo-European language but borrowed there writing system from


Augustus established himself as princeps civitatis, or

first citizen of the state

One of the most important improvements in urban planning in the second century CE was the creation of

hundreds of miles of aqueducts powered by gravity

Romans borrowed many elements of culture from other civilizations, including baths from


in the Etruscan culture, the fasces symbol was used to signify

the king’s power

In tradition Roman families, women

could inherit and own property

In Roman families the paterfamilias was the

oldest dominant male, who had near absolute power.

The term "latifundia" refers to

huge agricultural estates

Who or what did militant Jews believe would come and destroy he Roman Empire?

The Messiah

Pagan Romans particularly objected to what early Christian practice?

The Lord’s last Supper ritual

Before the Romans controlled italy, what other civilization built cities in Southern Italy and Sicily?


When the Romans conquered lands and created provinces, they placed whom in charge?


The emperor Constantine

supported Christianity

Roman religion was largely concerned with


the Roman general who won a momentous battle in 202 BCE near the town of Zama was

Scipio Africanus

In the third century BCE the main challenge to Roman control of the Mediteranean came from


During to Struggle of the Orders, the Plebeians forced political concessions through

a general strike of soldiers

Paul of Tarsus believed that

Christ’s teachings should be proclaimed to all

The villages that became Rome were located on what river?


In the early republic, Roman society was divided into

Romans and non-Romans

The main feature of the reform program proposed by tiberius Gracchus was the

distribution of public land to poor Romans

The stone Tower in Afghanistan was important as

the site where Chinese and Parthian merchants exchanged goods

The most significant political change by Diocletian was his

division of the Roman Empire into two parts

The role of middlemen in the trade along the Silk Road between the Romans and the Chinese was played by


According to legend, Rome was founded in 753 BCE by

Romulus and Remus

During its "golden age" Roman expansion in continental Europe was led by

retired soldiers

Under Augustus, women could be freed from male guardianship if they

had a certain number of children

Gaius Marius recruited landless men to serve in the army by promising them what in payment?


One result of the Struggle of the Orders was the creation of a law code that made all

all citizens, plebeians and patrician, equal before the law

Roma et Augustus refers to the

cult of the emperor and the state

In the early republic, political power and military leadership was controlled by


After defeating Carthage in the Second Punic War, Romen conquered

Greece and Macedonia

What did Romans build in conquered areas to help stabilize their rule and increase communication


One of Augustus’s reforms was to transform the army into

a permanent standing army

An important difference between the political system of the Romans and the Greeks was

Rome extended citizenship to its conquered people, while the Greeks did not

Augustus ended the age of civil wars in the empire with his victory at the

Battle of Actium

During the republic, the Roman Senate

advised officials and consuls

According to Romulus and Remus myth, the Romans were descended from


Hannibal failed to win the Second Punic War in part because

he lacked food and supplies for his troops

The forum of Rome was, under the Etruscan kings, originally a


The historical documentation of the life of Jesus comes from

gospels written many decades after his death

Other than Greeks, the first people to build cities in Italy were


Early in the republic Romans learned to use alliances with neighbors, which provided them with security and


Christianity was made the official religion of the Roman Empire in

405 CE

the Zealots

wanted to expel the Romans from Judea

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