World History B, Unit 4, Lesson 2. The Unification of Germany and Italy

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What was the goal for Young Italy?

B. To unite Italy into an independent, republican nation

How did Germany increase its power in the late 1800’s?

A. It became an industrial giant

What was one post-unification issue that encouraged some Italians to emigrate?

A. Rapid population growth

What was Chancellor Otto von Bismarck’s main goal?

A. To increase the power of Prussia

What was a major factor in Germany’s rise to power?

B. It maintained a strong industrial economy

Why was nationalism particularly significant to Italian unification?

A. Italy was controlled by several foreign nations

In an attempt to gain control of the working class, Bismarck did which of the following?

D. Offered benefits such as health care

Which of the following was a new challenge for Italy after unification?

C. Regional differences made governing difficult

Which role made Mazzini play in Italian unification?

A. He dreamed of a united Italy and took the first steps to achieving it

Which statement best explains industrialization in Italy?

D. Industrialization caused urbanization and a population boom

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