world history B the new imperialism

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1.Which of the following best summarizes the causes of imperialism in the late 1800s ?

Westerners wanted to spread their religion, sell manufactured goods, and gain territory to compete with other countries

2.How were western nations able to expand their control over Asia and Africa so quickly?

They had strong governments, advanced economies and technology, and military power

3.What is one way imperialism affected the economic situations of colonial people?

It forced to grow cash crops

4.Which of the following statements best describes European imperialism?

The industrial revolution was a driving force behind European imperialism

5.How did imperialism affect the culture of the colonies?

Colonized people were encouraged to adopt Christianity and European culture, and local traditions weakened

6. What advantage did industrialization give Europe when colonizing?

The use of rifles and other military technology was unmatched by locals

7. How did the industrial revolution spur needs and desires that encouraged overseas expansion

Manufacturers wanted access to natural resources that weren’t available in European nations

8. Which of the following describes the typical economic cost of imperial rule?

The high cost of paying for a military occupation came from local colonial taxes

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