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What are reactants of photosynthesis

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What are reactants of photosynthesis

Water , light, and carbon dioxide

What are the products of photosynthesis

Oxygen and glucose

In what organelle does photosynthesis occur


In what organelle does cellular respiration occur


What are reactants of cell respiration

Oxygen and Gluecose

What are the products of cell respration

ATP, water and carbon dioxide


The process of which plants produce food

Cellular respiration

Turns sugar into ATP


Breaks down food


Making large molecules by joining them

Active Transport

The movement of molecules across a cell membrane from a high to low concentration


To describe the movement of molecules through the cell membrane


The process by which molecules pass through the semipermeable membrane

Why is the carbon produced by green plants not excreted as a waste product during the day

Can be used as photosynthesis

Identify the life process being performed in the diagram below


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