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WH 2.05

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Which answer correctly compares the first medieval merchants to merchants of the High Middle Ages?

The first medieval merchants were peddlers who held little status or wealth, while merchants during the High Middle Ages formed guilds and often served in government council positions in their towns.

What was the role of pawnbrokers in the High Middle Ages?

Making loans in exchange for property

Which of the following describes trade in the Late Middle Ages compared to the Early Middle Ages?


Which of the following is an example of a medieval guild?

Merchants with common trade interests who joined together and formed associations for their mutual benefit

The guilds, banks, and money systems, which began in Medieval Europe,

were the start of modern market economies and trade unions

During the Middle Ages, merchants, artisans, and their guilds contributed to the

creation of the middle class

During the High Middle Ages, how did pilgrimages for the Crusades affect the economy?

They stimulated the economy by increasing trade and creating a need for additional taverns and inns.

How did the formation of a middle class affect peasants during the Middle Ages?

Peasants had an opportunity to move up in the social hierarchy by becoming artisans, merchants, or other types of professionals.

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