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Web Design Ch.6 part 1

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To apply a style to one or more elements on a web page, configure a CSS _____________.


The box model consists of a content area surrounded by:

padding, border, and margin

The _______ is the area between the content and the border.


_________ flow displays the elements on the page in the order they appear in the web page source code.


Use ___________ positioning to slightly change the location of an element in relation to where it would otherwise appear when rendered by a browser.


The CSS to create the class called myfloat that floats to the right of the other page content, has a 10px margin, and a solid border is:

.myfloat { float:right; margin:10px; border: 1px solid #000000; }

The default value for the border property for an element is:

0 Pixels

When using the box model, the _____ is always transparent.


Use an id to configure a style when:

the style will apply to only one element on a page.

If an element is configured with ___________ the other content on the page will appear to its left.


Which of the following configures a margin for an element with the following values: top margin 30 pixels, left margin 150 pixels, right margin 0 pixels, and bottom margin 0 pixels?

margin:30px 0 0 150px;

Use the ________ property along with the left, right and/or top property to precisely configure the position of an element


Use the ________ or _______ property to clear a float.

clear or overflow

Choose the example below that configures a comment in CSS.

/ comment /

Choose the example below of a descendent selector that configures the anchor tags with the nav element

nav a

Select the example below that could be used to clear a right float.

clear: right;

Select the example below that configures a container to clear all floated elements that are within the container

overflow: auto;

When configuring the background color of an element, the background color is applied to both the content and ______ areas


Use the _______________ property to configure an image to use as a bullet point in an unordered list.


From the choices below select the correct order to code CSS pseudo-classes.

link, visited, hover, active

Set list-style-type to the value ___________ to hide the display of the list markers on an ordered list.


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