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Walt Whitman’s -Song of Myself-

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In this quotation, the first stanza has a different style from the second section. What does this suggest about Whitman’s overall style in the poem?

that Whitman’s style allows for various kinds of language

Which characteristic makes "Song of Myself" a free verse poem?

the absence of a consistent rhythmic structure

Which statement best describes the way the sections in the excerpt from "Song of Myself" are constructed?

They show unique sides of a universal worldview.

How does the word "tramp" affect the tone of this line?

It suggests the determination of the speaker

Which of the following statements best describes the effect of the long lines in "Song of Myself"?

They remind the reader of the speaker’s liberty and self-confidence.

What is the most likely reason the author chose a free verse structure for "Song of Myself"?

Free verse allowed for the expression of expansive ideas.

How do these lines reflect the poet’s general style?

They show the poem’s relaxed, candid tone.

How does this line support the theme of the poem?

It reflects Whitman’s ideas about the capacity of the human spirit.

The sections of "Song of Myself" approach one subject from several different angles. How does this technique reflect the main theme of the poem?

It corresponds to the idea that the self is all-encompassing.

What is the effect of the word "atom" in this line and later in the poem?

It emphasizes the narrator’s belief that every parcel of the Earth belongs to everyone.

Which statement best describes the theme of "Song of Myself"?

There is room for many experiences and, indeed, selves within one self

Why does Whitman use such a simple phrase as "who I am or what I mean"?

He wants to communicate directly with readers.

Which statement best describes the effect of the language in this stanza?

It establishes that the speaker of the poem will be frank and honest.

Which statement best describes the rhythm of "Song of Myself"?

The rhythm is very similar to the rhythm of everyday speech.

How does the form of "Song of Myself" help the poem communicate its theme?

By moving forward without formal restraints, the poet justifies expressions of freedom in the work.

Which statement best summarizes the theme that these lines suggest?

The self is complex and an integral part of nature.

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