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Vocabulary Workshop Level F Unit 1 Completing the sentences

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In an age when the United States has truly global responsibilities, we cannot afford to have leaders with … points of view.


I take no … at your personal remarks, but I feel you would have been better advised not to make them.


Forever humbling himself and flattering others, Dicken’s Uriah Heep is famously …


During the brief … in the music, someone’s ringing cell phone split the air.


If you cannot meet the college’s entrance requirements, it will be futile to have someone … on your behalf.


Weakened military, and with a large part of the population living on free "bread and circuses," the once and mighty Roman Empire now entered a period of …


The midnight fire in our apartment building cast a .. unearthly light on the faces of the firefighters struggling to put it out.


The managers expressed her unfavorable opinion of the job application by … rather than by direct statement.


The issue of good faith that your conduct raises far … the specific question of whether or not you are responsible for the problem.


If you take pride in expressing yourself with force and originality, you should not use so many … phrases


I certainly appreciate your praise, but I must say that I can see nothing so remarkably … in having done what any decent person would do.


His confidence grew as he received clear signs of the … of his superiors.


I feel that, as an old friend, I have the … of criticizing your actions without arousing resentment.


Various insects have a marvelous capacity to protect themselves by … the appearance of twigs and other objects in their environment.


Of course you have a right to ask the waiter for a glass of water, but is there any need to use the … tone of a spoiled child?


The only way to defeat the party in power is for all the reform groups to form a … and back a single slate of candidates.


Since I don’t like people who play favorites in the office, I have frequently … against such behavior with my superiors.


Although we tried to express our sympathy, we knew that mere words could do nothing to … her grief.


In the question and answer session, we tried to … from the candidates some definite indication of how they proposed to reduce the nation’s debt.


Their tastes have been so … by luxurious living that they seen incapable of enjoying the simple pleasures of life.

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