Unit 3 – K12 History

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Which characteristic was a reason that the Industrial Revolution began in England?

strong banking system

Which industry launched the Industrial Revolution?


Which innovation led to an increase in cloth production at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution?

flying shuttle

Robert Fulton pioneered which new method of transportation?


Which method of production developed during the Second Industrial Revolution?

assembly line

Which source of energy was introduced during the Second Industrial Revolution?


Which is an example of the human cost of industrialization?

overcrowded cities

Which best explains why the Industrial Revolution led to a larger middle class?

Businesses needed more educated people.

Which best describes the beliefs of Robert Owen?

Through socialism, people can build a perfect society.

Why did Karl Marx believe that capitalism would be overthrown?

Workers would revolt

How did the work of Louis Pasteur help improve the quality of life for people during the Industrial Revolution?

It led to new ways to fight disease.

Which led most directly to the rise of mass entertainment during the late 1800s?

increased leisure time

Which prompted European imperialism in the late nineteenth century?

a new wave of nationalism

Which was used to justify European imperialism in the late nineteenth century?

loss of natural resources

Which was an impact of European imperialism on the people of Africa?

the Sepoy Mutiny

Which led the British government to shut down the East India Company and rule India directly?

selling opium

How did Britain seek to correct its balance of trade with China?

creating a democratic republic

Which was a goal of Sun Yat-sen in calling for a revolution in China?

creating a democratic republic

Which was an argument for Japanese imperial expansion?

the need for natural resources

Which belief did many Americans use to justify the U.S. takeover of the Philippines?

It was their duty to civilize the Filipinos.

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