U.S. History Unit 6

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Which was not a reason for carters low approval ratings in 1980?

Camp David Accords

Besides lower taxes and smaller government what did ronald reagans political agenda include

A strong military

By 1980 many americans wanted a smaller federal government, lower taxes, and a strong military. How did those issues influence politics im 1980?

There was a shift to the right to more conservative views

Which was not an issue in the 1980 election?

Social programs

What was a key element of reagans plan to meet the economic crisis in 1981?

Raising interest rates to curb inflation

What was one benefit some economists believed would result from supply side economics?

More jobs as individuals and businesses spent their tax savings

Which was not an economic issue associated with reaganomics?

Increased inflation

What happened after the reagan administration loosened regulations on savings and loan institutions?

Many S&Ls made bad loans and went bankrupt

What was one result of environmental deregulation during the Reagan years?

Millions of acres of public land were opened to private drilling, mining, and logging

Why were many conservatives in favor of government deregulation?

They thought the number of regulations had become excessive and hurt businesses

Who is Sandra Day O’ Connor?

The first woman supreme court justice

What was the difference between traditional views of the cold war and reagans view of it?

Reagan wanted to eliminate communism, nog merely contain it

Who did not protest communism?

Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev

What was the Reagan Doctrine?

A program to oppose communism in all circumstances

What was Ronald Reagans weapons strategy?

A conventional and nuclear military buildup that the Soviets could not afford

Who was Mikhail Gorbachev?

The Soviet leader who wanted to restructure the Soviet economy

What did the Reagan aides do with the money from the arms sale?

In violation of U.S. Law, they secretly used it to aid rebels in Nicaragua

Which group was not part of the Iran-Contra scandal?

Hamas in Israel

Which area is generally considered Ronald Reagans most positive legacy?

The Cold War

Which event did not occur during George H.W. Bush’s presidency?

The Iran-Contra scandal

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