U.S. History UNIT 1

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Grew up in a wealthy family, attended elite private school.

Before becoming President, Franklin Roosevelt was the governor of New York. Describe his background?

Polio left him unable to walk

What happened to Franklin Roosevelt that enhanced his ability to relate to people and understand their problems? Why was he in a wheelchair?

The Hoover administration had not resolved the country’s economic problems

What had the greatest influence on Franklin Roosevelts victory in the 1932 presidential race?

The country’s economic problems had grown worse and people thought Hoover wasn’t doing enough

Why was Herbert Hoover, an incumbent president, easily defeated by Franklin Roosevelt?

A positive attitude could help resolve the economic problems

In his inaugural address, Roosevelt said, "the only thing we have to fear is fear itself." What did he mean?

A positive attitude could help resolve the economic crisis

What technique did Franklin Roosevelt use to keep the American public informed?

Relief to individuals, economic recovery, reforms to avoid future economic disaster

Which themes (3 Rs) for government action emerged during FDR’s first hundred days as president?

To assure people that government was acting quickly to try to solve the problems of the Depression

Why did congress pass numerous pieces of legislation during the first Hundred days of Franklin Roosevelts administration?

A commitment by the government to provide immediate relief

What did the record number of bills passed during the first hundred days of Franklin Roosevelts administration indicate?

Government should help retirees, dependent mothers and children, and the disabled

Which philosophy did the social security act demonstrate?

Roosevelt wanted to deal with the problems of those unable to work at all: retirees, the disabled, dependent mothers, and children

Why was the social security act an important part of President Roosevelts plan for America?

Government should help needy families

Which belief did the civilian conservation corps and the homeowners loan corporation demonstrate?

Roosevelt believed government could stabilize and regulate the economy

How did the passage of the Emergency Banking Act and the FDIC reflect Roosevelts belief about the economy?

Tennessee Valley Authority, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, Social Security, Securities and Exchange Commission

Which agencies created during the New Deal are still in existence?

They are still in existence today

What do the Tennessee Valley Authority and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation have in common?

Some people wanted to give the economy more time to recover and others wanted a federal takeover of all businesses

What were the major criticisms of the New Deal?

Most historians acknowledge that the New Deal did not end the Depression; World War II did.

How do historians evaluate the period in which New Deal legislation was passed?

Economic crisis

What contributed to the rise of dictators in Europe and Asia during the 1930s?

Dictators won support by promising prosperity and order

Dictators assumed the reins of power in parts of Europe and Asia during the 1930’s. What made the rise of dictators possible?

Racist dictators rose to power

What development took place in Germany, Italy, and Spain during the 1930s?

The invasion of other countries to gain new territory

What actions on the part of Germany and Italy created conflict and led to requests for the League of Nations to intervene?

They were three of the territories invaded by European dictators in the 1930s?

What did the Rhineland, Ethiopia, and Austria have in common?

Congress passed five neutrality laws to stress its policy of isolationism

What was an American reaction to the beginnings of war in Europe in 1939?

It indicated that the United States wanted to return to isolationism

Congress passed five neutrality laws in the 1930s. What did the passage of those laws indicate about U.S. foreign policy?

Roosevelt lent England supplies

What was one way FDR provided assistance to England and the other allies in spite of U.S. neutrality laws?


What program did FDR develop to provide supplies to the English in spite of U.S. neutrality laws?

Congress declared war on Japan and the United States joined the allies

How did U.S. leaders respond to the bombing of Pearl Harbor?

Selective Service Act

What legislation signed into law in 1940 indicated Roosevelts commitment to war preparedness?

Signed the selective service act requiring young men to serve in the military

How did president Roosevelt indicate his commitment to being prepared for war?

To prepare Americans for the nations possible entry into WWII

What was the main point of FDR’s Four Freedoms speech?

It was the government agency that worked with corporations to produce what the military needed

What role did the War Production Board play in coordinating American war efforts during WWII?

To coordinate the production of war goods among corporations

Why did FDR establish a War Production Board?

"Arsenal of democracy"

What term did FDR use to describe the combined federal and civilian production of Liberty ships, planes, weapons, and supplies needed by the military to fight WWII?

Liberty ships, planes, weapons, and supplies for the military produced by corporations

What did FDR bring together to create what he called an "Arsenal of democracy"

Japanese Americans were sent to internment camps

Which wartime action violated the constitution in the name of protecting the U.S. from perceived threats?

Interning and detaining Japanese citizens in camps

Which action taken by the U.S. Government during WWII violated the constitutional rights of some citizens?

Dwight Eisenhower and Douglas MacArthur

Which two U.S. Commanders led troops in the European and Pacific fronts?

Germany, Italy, and Japan

Which three nations formed the Axis Powers?


Be able to identify the location of D-Day invasion on a map

Midway Islands

Be able to identify the first major Pacific battle of WWII, which the U.S. Won on the map


Which U.S. Victory in the pacific theater took the Japanese by surprise?

Invasion of Normandy

D-Day—June 6, 1944–began the final drive of WWII in the European theater. What events does D-Day refer to?

American forces led the allies in a battle that marked the beginning of the end of the war

What was significant about the D-Day landing at Normandy on June 6 1944?

They were all part of the sacrifices Americans made for the war effort

What do tin foil drives, victory gardens, and rationing have in common?

Victory in the war overseas and over Jim Crow at home

What did the "double V" mean for African Americans?

Victory over Jim Crow and discrimination at home

Which did African Americans want to achieve in addition to a military victory in WWII?

They were all roles that women played during WWII

What did the WAVES, the WAACs, and Rosie the Riveter have in common?

Enlisted in the military and worked civilian jobs, including some typically held by men

How did women most directly support war effort?

He thought an atomic bomb would kill far fewer people than a military invasion of Japan

Why did Harry Truman decide to drop the atomic bomb on Japan?

The United States became the richest, most powerful nation in the world

What effect did WWII have on the United States?

Auschwitz and Dachau

In which 2 towns did Hitler build concentration camps designed to systematically destroy Jews and other prisoners?

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