U.S History Review Unit 5 (K12)

Total Word Count: 400
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What was the Problem confronting Pres. Carter as the 1980 election approached?

The Iran hostage crisis.

What was a unique thing about Pres. Regan

Was an Actor

What nickname was given to Pres. Regan as a result of his skill

The Great Communicator

What Group helped elect Pres. Reagan?

The New Right

Key issues that united Pres. Reagan’s supporters (neoconservatives) during 1980 election?

Lower Taxes, Strong Military, tough foreign policy, small federal government, little government regulation

What is the key premise of supply side economics?

Taking measures to encourage growth in the production of goods and services will result in more jobs and tax revenue

What was a reason some people opposed supply side economics ?

large tax cuts for wealthy

Why were many conservative in favor of government regulation ?

They thought the regulation had become excessive and hurt business

In which area did government regulation befits both business and consumers?

Airlines (more people could afford to fly due to completion)

What was a result of deregulation during the Reagan years that led to controversy/opposition?

Millions of acres of public land were opened to private milling etc.

Who was the 1st woman to become a Supreme Court justice


Who were players in the fall of the Soviet Union?

Sakharov, Gorbachev and Solzhenitsyn

Which foreign leader supported Pres. Regan’s plan against communism


In what country did labor leader, Walesa and Pope Juan Paul II play a role in ending communism?


How did Glasnost and perestroika contribute to the fall of the Soviet union?

They brought the outside world and different political and economic options to people

In which area was Pres. Reagan strongest in legacy?

Confronting the cold war

Who was president during the fall of the Berlin wall/soviet union?


What decisions did Pres. Bush make about the gulf war in Iraq?

avoid long time involvement with Iraq

Why did Bush not won’t long time involvement with Iraq?

Accomplished them withdrawing from Kuwait, there’s did the same with the U.S, power vacuum

What were key elements in making computers wildly used for the public?

reducing size and cost

What did Gates, Jobs, Allen and Wozniak make to computer usage?

Their systems made personal computer usage possible

With what country did the US fight an extended war?

: Iraq

Where is Dafur region located?


Which country had been encouraged by the us to become energy-independent from Russia ?


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