U.S. History Chapter 24

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"Anschluss" refers to

d. the German annexation of Austria

Among other terms, the Atlantic Charter of 1941

a. outlined the ideals of anti-Axis nations

Among the reasons the atomic bomb was used against Japan was the belief that it would

c. save the lives of American soldiers

Britain and France declared war on Germany after Hitler’s troops invaded the Sudetenland


By 1942, the Axis powers included the Soviet Union


At the conference of Casablanca, Winston Churchill and Roosevelt decided to

b. assault Sicily and Italy

In 1940, Roosevelt ran for president against

c. Wendell Willkie

In the 1930s prior to World War II, actual conflict broke out first in

a. Asia between Japan and China

One of the main reasons why the Allies pushed for an opening a second front in Western Europe was to

c. relieve pressure on the Soviet Union by forcing the Germans to fight on two fronts

One reason Operation Overlord succeeded was

d. Eisenhower surprised Germans by attacking at Normandy

Roosevelt decided Hitler had to be stopped after

d. Germany occupied Czechoslovakia

The Battle of Midway was the turning point of the war in the Pacific because it

a. stopped the eastward advance of the Japanese

Italian Americans and German Americans were interned in camps in Arizona for the duration of the war


The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor

d. missed vital shore installations and oil tanks

The decisions made at the Yalta Conference did not include agreement that

c. both the Soviet Union and The United States would reduce their armaments by half after the war ended

V-E day was celebrated before the fall of Japan, in ay 1945


Wartime rationing included

b. sugar, coffee , and gasoline

When it came to financing the war, the federal government resorted to

d. all of these

The first atomic bomb was dropped on the Japanese island of Okinawa


The largest naval battle in history occurred at the coral sea


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