U.S. History- Ch. 26

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Why did President Nixon embrace the Philadelphia Plan for affirmative action in the building trades?

D. He was hoping to weaken the power of trade unions

Why did the fight over busing become so violent in Boston in the mid-1970s?

D. Boston’s tightly knit Irish-American community in South Boston fought integration violently

Why did the gay and lesbian movement become a major concern for the political right after the late 1960s?

B. Thousands of new civil rights movements encouraged gay and lesbians to come out

Which of the following statements correctly describes the outcome of the My Lai massacre

D. One person found guilty in this killing of 350 people, but was released in 1974

What led to the congressional discovery that the FBI had spied on millions of Americans in the 1960s?

E. The church Committee investigations

What triggered the rise of the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia?

C. The invasion of US troops in 1970

Why did conservatives have the last laugh in the Watergate scandal?

Watergate proved the conservatives point that the power of federal gov. had to be restricted

Which of the following comparisons of wage trends for 195301973 & 1973-1993 is accurate?

Wages increased significantly in the 1st period, but stagnated in the 2nd

Why did Pres. Carter cut off aid to Argentina in 1978?

D. A brutal military dictatorship had emerged there, waging a dirty war against its own citizens

How did the experience of the 1960s shape America’s neoconservatives?

A. Neoconservatives came to believe that even best-intentioned social programs did more harm than good.

What setback did the advocates of the Roe vs. Wade decision of 1973 suffer in 1976?

E. Congress overrode Ford’s veto and ended federal funding for abortion in the Medicaid program.

Which of the following assessments of the Carter administration in 1980 is accurate?

D. approval rating in 1980 had fallen lower than Nixon’s at the time of his resignation

How did trickle-down economics claim to increase gov. tax revenues?

B. By lowering taxes

What victory could cultural conservatives claim in 1986?

E. The supreme court upheld the constitutionality of state laws banning homosexual acts

What contradiction did the Reagan presidency reveal about modern conservatives?

A. Reagan’s policies enriched investors and CEOs but eviscerated the economics and communities of the industrial heartland

Richard Nixon’s New Federalism:

C. Proposed that a system of block grants be assigned to states to spend as they saw fit

The Environmental Protection Agency, the Occupational Safety and Health Admin. and the National Transport Board were all established during the administration of:

E. Richard Nixon

Which is NOT an agency created or act passed under Nixon administration?

B. Office of Economic Opportunity

Nixon’s Family Assistance Plan:

A. Proposed to guarantee a minimum income for all Americans

The Nixon administration’s Philadelphia Plan:

D. Expanded affirmative action

Affirmative action was:

E. First pursued and then abandoned by Nixon admin.

Richard Nixon’s appointments to Supreme Court were intended to:

C. Lead the court in a conservative direction

The 1971 ruling Swann vs. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Education led to the:

A. Use of busing as a tool to achieve school integration

In Regents of the University of Cal. vs. Bakke the Supreme Court ruled:

C. Fixed affirmative action quotas were unconstitutional

During the 1970s:

A. the age at which Americans married increased while divorce rates rose

All of the following are evidence that freedom for women expanded in the 70s except:

E. Regents of the University of Cal. vs. Bakke

In 1972 Congress passed Title IX which:

C. banned gender discrimination in higher education

Writer Tom Wolfe dubbed the 70s the:

E. Me decade

Under the Nixon admin. the US:

D. Continued to undermine Third World governments

In a historic move, in 1972 Nixon opened diplomatic relations with:

B. China

In his relations with major communist power, Nixon:

C. Signed a strategic arms limitation treaty w/ the Soviet Union

Why did the CIA seek to destabilize the gov of Chile after 1970?

A. the country had elected socialist Salvador Allende into office

When he assumed the presidency, Nixon announced a new policy regarding the Vietnam War, called:

C. Vietnamization

What were the results of the US invasion of neutral Cambodia in 1970?

C. the invasion destabilized the nation & ushered in a murderous regime

In 1975, the Vietnam War ended:

A. as the only war lost by the US

When they were arrested, the burglars at the Watergate apartment complex were breaking in to:

C. The democratic party headquarters

The church committee revealed that since the beginning of the Cold War:

A. the CIA and FBI had engaged in abusive actions

Why had it been premature for liberals to celebrate the downfall of their political adversary Nixon?

D. Watergate undermined public confidence in the merits of the federal gov

In the early 1970s which commodity did many Americans have to wait in a long line to purchase?

B. Gasoline

The economic condition known as stagflation was caused by:

D. stagnant economic growth & high inflation

Domestically, President Ford:

E. failed to revive the community

In 1976, Carter won the presidential race in part because:

A. promised never to lie to Americans

The Three Mile Island nuclear plant:

C. brought a halt to the nuclear energy industry’s expansion

Pres. Carter’s foreign policy emphasized:

E. Human rights as a diplomatic priority

Why was Carter’s suspension of aid to Argentina such a dramatic gesture?

D. previous administrations had been silent about the regime’s atrocities

Which nation held 53 americans hostage from Nov. 1979-Jan. 1981?

D. Iran

The handling of the Iranian hostage crisis:

C. made Carter appear weak and inept

In order to protect US interests, Carter Doctrine declared that the US would:

D. use military force, particularly in the Persian Gulf

In response to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, Carter pursued all the following policies except:

B. breaking off diplomatic relations w/ Pakistan

During the 70s, conservatives

B. insisted on more local control & resisted the power of the federal gov

During the 70s, evangelical Christians:

B. significantly increased in number, as they became more vocal

Jerry Falwell created the:

Moral Majority

The Moral Majority:

B. Feared family values were being undermined

The Equal Rights Amendment:

A. passed Congress but failed ratification

The opponents of the ERA defined freedom for women as:

C. residing in the roles of wife and mother

One of the loudest opponents of the Equal Rights Amendment was:

D. Phyllis Schlafly

Opponents of the equal rights amendment, like Phyllis, argued that the passage of the ERA would:

A. take away a woman’s right to be a housewife

Voters approved proposition 13 in Cal, a law that banned:

D. further increases of property tax

The sagebrush rebellion defined freedom as:

C. being free from gov tyranny

The election of 1980 reflected:

D. growing frustration over America’s condition

Which of the following statements best assesses the impact of Proposition 13 in Cal?

D. the measure reduced funds for libraries, schools, & other services

Who were the Redstockings?

D. a radical feminist group

The Reagan Revolution:

D. included cuts to gov. programs

Reagan’s economic policy focused on:

A. tax cuts

Reagan’s economic program, known as "supply-side" economics relied on:

A. tax cuts & high interest rates

Which striking labor group did Reagan have fired?

E. air traffic controllers

The 80s could be called the second:

A. gilded age

Reagan’s economic policies:

E. resulted in a rise in economic inequality

"yuppie" was a term for:

C. wealthy, young urban professionals in the 80s

Geraldine Ferraro is best known for:

A. the first female candidate on a major party presidential-ticket

Bowers vs. Hardwick:

A. upheld the constitutionality of state laws outlawing homosexual acts.

In foreign policy, Reagan:

E. initiated the largest military buildup in american history

Determined to overturn the Vietnam syndrome, Reagan:

B. sent troops to Grenada and Lebanon

The Iran-Contra affair:

C. was the grates scandal of the Reagan administration

By the end of Reagan’s 2nd term in office, he viewed the Soviet Untion:

E. with much less suspicion

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