U.S. History – Ch. 11-2

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how did the united states raise an army?

passed the selective service act-instituted a draft and called for volunteers

how did u.s. soldiers help win the war?

enthusiasm and freshness; helped to stop the german advances on paris and others helped to win the second battle of the marne; helped to turn the tide of the war against the central powers

how did the united states build its naval force?

called for volunteers and the draft of the selective service act; exempt shipyard workers from being drafted; build a campaign to show importance; took over commercial and private ships and converted them

how did the u.s. navy help win the war?

suggested the convoy system and put it into use; barrier of mines into the north sea prevented u-boats from getting to the atlantic

what new weapons of mechanized warfare threatened those in combat?

machine gun-modernized to be mounted tanks, airplanes, distribution of gas, zeppelins-gas filled air ships, observation balloons

what did the war cost in terms of the number of civilian deaths?

around 11 million more

what did the war cost in terms of the number of military deaths?

around 11 million less

what did the war cost in terms of the number of injuries?

20 million

what did the war cost in terms of the number of refugees?

10 million

what were the estimated economic costs?

$338 billion

alvin york

war hero, began as a conscientious objector

conscientious objector

person who opposed war because of moral issues

eddie rickenbacker

america’s ace pilot

america mobilizes for war

soldier-selective service act required men to register- statistics how navy mobilizes, government aided in the building of ships; 24 million registered 3 million were called up

new weapons change the fighting

new weapons introduced like the tank, airplanes, machine gun improved and gas; powerful weapons made warfare more deadly

the war takes a heavy toll

war claimed 22 million lives and cost in terms of.. and estimated costs

under the convoy system, a fleet of destroyers protected merchant ships in the atlantic ocean


the leader of the american expeditionary forces was eddie rickenbacker

false, general john j. pershing

alvin york became a hero at the battle of meuse-argonne


germany agreed to a cease-fire on january 1, 1919

false, november 11, 1918

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