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TRIZ Analysis

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Many challenges face organizations in the business world. Problems facing various businesses need a solution in the best way possible.  Without proper solution, they end up affecting the business negatively. According to Bansal (2015), there is need to derive a precise and efficient method for addressing the glitches that affects the business. The Theory of Inventive Problem Solving also known as the TRIZ technique proves to be the best method used to solve various issues affecting a firm. Either a business identifies and assesses the risk it facing from within or from outside, from there it derives ways to mitigate the risk (Gadd, 2012). This paper discusses the TRIZ technique tool and ways of solving problems using the techniques.

TRIZ method gives specific solution to general problem. Most problems facing a company tend to have been experienced by another organization and a solution found. Gadd (2012) explains that the TRIZ technique compares a specific problem to a general problem and then it assesses the general solution offered to the public issue and thus an accurate solution derived.

A powerful demonstration of how a TRIZ technique solves business problems is in customer satisfaction. For a business to prosper customer happiness should be the number one target.  The customers are the primary resource for business. Thus, their contentment is necessary. The clients are the measure of the product or services provided by a business (Bansal, 2015).  Over many years' customer service and fulfillment is a major problem in the commercial sector.  Many approaches have been derived from seeking out clients complains about being unsatisfied. The TRIZ method is the best procedure to apply here.

            The consumers can build or destroy a company. Buyers complain must be taken seriously, and the solutions to them sought immediately and more efficiently to match the required satisfaction. The objectives for customer satisfaction: clients must be treated and handled professionally, all inquiries must be handled the same day, and quality products at a fair rate finally all the customer's complaints will be given immediate attention. The above objectives targets to improve the client satisfaction problem.

Consumer satisfaction is the TRIZ general problem. Many businesses receive customers' complaints on the poor quality of goods and services on a day-to-day basis. The way forward of tackling this issue is unclear as there are many general solutions to it. Bansal (2015) suggests that TRIZ technique is employed to get a tailored settlement of the problem.  The specific issue should be made in a way that it increases the clients' loyalty to the business, improves the business culture and satisfaction is the experience both from within by the workers and the customers receiving the service.

            The best way to solve the customer satisfaction problem is by using it as the top pointer of reliability. Customer gratification shows how the purchasers will buy things in prospect. When pleased a client will tend to come back (Hipple, 2012). Excellent service will make a buyer always to go back to get it. A happy consumer always brings a new client so that they can share the experience (Buttle, 2012). Therefore, this will help the business to grow as the customers are loyal and they come with new customers. It is a well-known fact that it is easy to keep the client that to gain new customers.

 Customer feedback assists in improving businesses. A channel of how the customer provides comments and rating is supposed to be established. A secret drop box for feedback is important since it will give the buyers the opportunity to give their response either on what is right or what is itching them Buttle (2015)discusses that replies from the customer must be sought out and acted on accordingly by a team of the client service providers.

            Hipple (2012) suggest that the TRIZ tool is required for the client's feedback. The service providers can call the person who complained about the services received, apologize, and promise for a better experience next time. The feedback should be taken to be serious, and the company should follow up on the employee who provided the service, summon him or her and then remind him to provide quality and satisfactory services to clients (Buttle, 2015). Policies on customers' satisfaction must be established. Thus, employees will be on toes when they know that the rule of the company requires them to give the best to the clients.

            In conclusion, TRIZ is a style applied when solving problems innovatively. The general solutions to the overall glitches are studied, and from them, a specific solution is invented. The firm then adopts the precise resolution.  An empirical decision-making in a company is known to lead to better ideas. Thus, a collaboration by the management on the way to tackle customer relation management is essential, and the best decision they come up will help in customer retention process. With customer loyalty and retention, they will be able to face completion efficiently.          

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