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Timeline of activities for implementation

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Due Date

Person Accountable


Pilot Total Rewards Philosophy Statement


 HR manager

 Upgrade to previous rewards scheme

Revise Philosophy


 Department managers

 Performance is key in new scheme

Statement if Needed


 Department managers


Select Team for Implementation


Department manager

 Team focus on department to help review the scheme

Assign Due Dates, Accountability


Project manager

 Projects must be delivered as schedule to demonstrate efficacy

Decide on Eligibility and Waiting Periods


Team leader


Establish Baselines for Measurement



 baselines must be applicable and relevant to scenario at hand

Ensure Computer Systems are Ready


IT manager

 System always ready in advance

Develop Admin Guideline


Department manager

 Follow the guidelines strictly

Secure Final Approval


HR manager

 Proceed after approval

Select Vendors or Outsourced Providers


 Procurement manager

 Cost benefit analysis is the guiding principle

Begin Communication




Provide Training to Key Employees



 Target audience to be available on time

Begin Enrollment of New Benefits


Personnel manager

 Employees to access benefits as soon as they are rolled out

Evaluate, Report Metrics


Department manager

 The impact of the benefits on performance is critical

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