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Tile Bluetooth tracker

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The story about tile, a Bluetooth key tracker, is amusing. My key tracker is a small sticker that is put on the back of a phone or side of a key holder. The sticker is silvery and shiny that tends to add aesthetic value to the phone or a key. Sometimes the tile is in the shape of a comic cartoon that only draws people attention on the beauty of the phone or a key. However, the tile is developed with a Bluetooth tracker that helps in tracing lost keys and phones. The tile has magnetic properties that enable it to stick around the phone speaker without being glued with super glue. The built-in Bluetooth tracker helps in finding lost phones or keys that may cause an agony to the users.

The tile Bluetooth tracker will be sold in electronic shops and automobiles stores for those who buy phones and cars. The product will be like any other requirements of the cars and phones since it offers the first aid for tracing lost car keys and phones. The tile will be sold for $15.79 and is replaceable after every three months.

The tile product cannot be used without the phones and car keys. It implies that the product has the following importance:

•    Adding aesthetic value

•    Tracking lost keys

•    Protecting the phone speakers

•    Reducing mental torture due to the loss

The tracker offers a unique method of finding lost items and tracing those who steal other people’s property. The product is cost efficient, and all the car owners and cellphone users should buy the tile to guard their items. ‘Why worry about the lost keys and phones, find them faster.’ Go to the electronic shops and automobile stores to pick yours today. Do not delay supplies on demand.


The Tile Bluetooth Tracker

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