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The Progressive-Psychedelic Rockers Pink Floyd vs. The “Emos”

Rock music has really branched out to so many sub-genres and almost every one of them have a very unique effect towards me that keeps me alive and elated. Two specific rock sub-genre that hit me the hardest are the Progressive and Psychedelic Rock. The band Pink Floyd is one most prominent groups to play this kind of music and one of their songs that caught my attention was “Time”.

“Time” is basically about people getting stuck in a period where they neglect the sense of urgency on things until they realize that they have wasted so much time procrastinating. In the end, everything is over and precious time is wasted.

Progressive Rock is a fusion of many orchestra sounds and modern electric guitars while Psychedelic Rock is usually associated with hallucinogenic drug effects to produce a very “out of this world” sound. Pink Floyd (with the addition of David Gilmour) did a very good job in delivering this types of music, combined. On the technical side of playing the instruments, Progressive Rock obviously has quite a certain level of difficulty because of the knowledge you have to possess in order to play their very unique guitar solos with the addition of techno and orchestra sounds. For Psychedelic Rock, artists needed to have a “drive” to produce the very unique sound of the genre.

There is another genre of rock that, in my opinion, is a little trivial in terms of lyrics with very basic technical skills in playing. I am referring to the genre called “Emo” where I hear screaming of suicidal acts usually because of love-relationship disasters.

I find more maturity in terms of lyrics and instrument playing with the older forms of rock, like Progressive and Psychedelic.

Psychedelic may have a negative side because of its association with drugs but modern technology and experienced musicians are now able to recreate it without the use of the actual drugs.

You may listen to Pink Floyd’s “Time” in YouTube to appreciate the magic and out-of-this-world experience the moment you listen to it.

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