The Positive Advertising Impact

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<p style=”margin-left:1.5in;text-indent:.5in;line-height:200%”><b>Advertising on the Coke Brand</b></p>
<p style=”text-indent:.5in;line-height:200%”>Most impact based advertisements tend to build a long lasting psychological effect on target audience to enhance a positive association and remembrance of the advertised product or service (Radovan et al., 2012). I remember in 2016, when I was busy researching for my assignments on the internet, a Coca-Cola advertising ad on the transitional web pages caught my attention. It was a global advertising campaign that focused on increasing awareness of the Coke brand. The advertisement ad could be seen daily on almost all the sites I could open and as well as on my social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. At first, I got bored with such interactions especially when they appeared as pop-ups on the sites I could visit. Later on, the TV start showing the advertisement campaign more frequently, where they used celebrities who illustrated how friends, lovers, and relatives could enjoy special moments together by tasting the feeling of the product from Coca-Cola (Usman, 2013).</p>
<p style=”text-indent:.5in;line-height:200%”>The advertisement ad was quite straightforward and memorable. I could clearly understand which product it advertised as it showed people drinking the Coke brand and all of them seemed to be happy. Therefore, creating a memorable experience and lasting impression as I could recall what happened in the ad. Additionally, it was suggestive in regards to the utility of the brand and had a strong attention grabbing message of &ldquo;taste the feeling.&rdquo; It targeted all the population since the company believes that Coke product suits everyone who wants to have great moments of happiness. However, if one could scrutinize the ad well especially the one on the TV&rsquo;S, it tended to capture the attention of most youths since they used the teenagers to pass the idea of making all days special by a taste of this brand. The setting of this advertising campaign was quite informative. For example, the facial expressions and background showed how one can get happiness after taking the drink at anyplace, be it in an office, market, shop, or when one is on a journey. Up to today, I have not forgotten the global music anthem used in the campaign that led to emotional product communication. The music was entertaining and had an element of humor. Lastly, the words used, &ldquo;taste the feeling&rdquo; aimed at uniting trademarks of all the Coke brands.</p>
<p style=”text-indent:.5in;line-height:200%”>The Coke brand advertisement on both the internet and TV made me believe in the product&#39;s exceptional features and utility. I got convinced, satisfied and had no doubt about the quality of this product and the after sales services offered if there is lump sum purchase by the customer. Hence I was anxious about taking this soft drink to enjoy moments of happiness like the ones I saw on the scenic elements and written material of the ad. I thought that by taking this drink, all my sadness could come to an end. The experiences of customers interviewed regarding its better life cycle and important awards for its recognition convinced my mind, and I had to purchase this product immediately to know whether the advertisement was trustworthy or it was an exaggeration of the features of new campaigns.</p>
<p style=”text-indent:.5in;line-height:200%”>In my opinion and understanding, the new campaigns for Coke brands aimed at increasing awareness of the existence of the product globally and convince targeted audience to purchase it due to its unique features and impact. Therefore, enhancing customer&rsquo;s desire for the product, promote the sales and create a strong global reputation of the Coca-Cola Company. This advertisement achieved its purpose because I was able to taste the feeling that it encouraged target market to do. Afterward, I shared the moments of happiness with my friends and relatives by purchasing more Coke drinks, and all were happy, thus boosting the sales as well as passing the information to many people who were not aware of the Coke brand. Hence, this advertising created a substantial impact as I have never forgotten about the trademark and the brand name.</p>

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