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The Expressive Surveys

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There are various ways of conducting research and collecting data, but the one that is most applicable is the survey method. A survey is just a concise interrogation or debate with people regarding a precise issue of discussion. The surveys are the preference of many researchers because of their diverse strengths, benefits, and advantages. Nonetheless, surveys also do have their shortcomings and weak points that need some consideration (Rebar & Gersch, 2015). The first primary advantage of using the survey methods is that they always have the high statistical significance. That is to say, it is much easier to get the statistically significant outcomes in surveys than in other data collection methods because of the high representativeness involved, and they can also analyze multiple variables (Sincero, 2012).

            The survey methods are always of low costs as one only pays for the production of the questionnaires for their conduction. On the contrary, the other data collection techniques, for instance, the personal interviews usually involves more spending. Additionally, the surveys are convenient in data gathering as their administration to the participants is through various means like the internet, fax, or even e-mail. That is something which is not possible with the other methods (Wyse, 2012).

            The first primary drawback of the survey methods is that they are not idyllic for the contentious subjects as the contributors may not answer precisely the controversial questions. In the alternative methods of data gathering such as the face-to-face, such questions might get the accurate answers. Also, in surveys, the respondents may not be entirely responsive of their explanations for the given feedbacks due to lack of memory or even boredom on the issue (Menchen-Trevino, 2013). One of the nursing problems that the survey design would adequately address is the successful accomplishment of the latest technologies in the nursing care like the telemedicine. That is so, as it can get contributions from almost every locality.         

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