The End of the Cold War United States History B Unit 4 Lesson 4

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when President Reagan said, "mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!" To what wall was he referring?

Regan was referring to the Berlin Wall, which had long been a symbol of the Cold War, cutting off Eastern Europe from the West

Why did President Reagan’s budget provide $1.5 trillion dollars for defense?

He wanted to win the arms race against the Soviet Union

What helped convince President Reagan to continue negotiating with Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev?

President Reagan’s wife thought that negotiating would make the president look less aggressive. The Prime Minister of Great Britain, a close American Ally, thought well of Mr. Gorbachev

What led Gorbachev to negotiate with President Reagan?

Gorbachev understood the Soviet Union was not capable of keeping up the arms race with the United States

what was the iran-contra affair?

the United States convinced Israel to sell weapons to Iran, which the United States promised to replace. The Hope was that these weapons would convince Iran to influence the Lebanese allies into releasing the American hostages. During this deal, a US colonel was asked by the administration to buy weapons for the Nicaraguan Rebel group, the Contras

why do you think that Reagan agreed to sell weapons to the Contras?

the legal government they sought to overthrow was socialist

why was the Iran-Contra deal illegal?

Congress had forbidden the funding of the contras since they were trying to displace the legal government of Nicaragua

Reagan supported rebellions in Afghanistan, Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Grenada to

weaken the Soviet Union

the START I treaty aimed to

reduce the number of nuclear weapons in the world

The Iran-Contra Affair violated the Reagan administration’s policy of refusing to

negotiate with terrorists

what does the handshake between the soldier and civilian in this Photograph symbolize?

unification of East and West Germany

how do some scholars believe Ronald Reagan helped bring an end to the Cold War?

Reagan supported a massive arms buildup that hastened the collapse of the Soviet economy

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