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Teaching a Lesson

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Different teaching mechanisms are employed in nursing classes today and gaming has been very useful in keeping the students engaged while studying difficult and boring subjects (Trevino, 2016). In the current lesson, the instructor will use project: EVO and a simple mind game such as Sudoku to teach the students the causes and effects of depression. Further, the lesson will help to dispel various misconceptions associated with depression and help the class to come up with a better mechanism of handling such issues in the future. Seventy-five percent of the students in the class are of the Hispanic origin. According to research, Hispanic people have a higher prevalence of depression (Camacho, 2015). Therefore, the use of these gaming techniques will help the students to understand their internal self and the effects that gaming and mind stimulation techniques have on the mental stability of people.

            The tools and services needed to develop the gaming instructional material include internet services and technological gadgets such as phones, tablets, or computers. The project: EVO game is available online and the instructor can download it and make it available to the students. For the Sudoku games, the instructor will use printed material. Since depression is highly associated with low levels of education and poverty in different ethnic communities, using the two platforms will help the students understand that it is possible to use non-digital materials to improve the mental health of the people in the society. The use of gaming as a teaching mechanism helps in knowledge retention and it helps the students to replicate a real life situation (Trevino, 2016). The Hispanic students have a better understanding of depression and they will be in a better position to appreciate the effects that gaming has on mood stabilizing.



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