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Substantive methods

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Different substantive methods can be used during the interview to enable choose the suitable candidate that will perfectly execute the required responsibility to help realize the set objectives of the institution. The methods used during the interview may differ depending on the area of interest and the kind of job that the individual is expected to undertake based  on his or her career. The substantive methods used can be personality test, performance test, work samples and structured interview. In the case of pharmacists being needed, the methods such as personality tests and performance test and work samples are used. For the Preschool teacher, the personality test also the hotel manager, a personality test is the best method that I will apply.

Interviewing Pharmacist during recruitment

            Personality testing in a pharmacist recruitment interview;  The personality testing is encompassing asking of those questions that are aimed at identifying those traits that may do his duty which involve collaboration with the patient unsuccessful or the temperament that may lead either frustration at the workplace and conflict which in most cases adversely affect the patients who are supposed to receive good care. To test the personality of the pharmacist, I will ask the following questions; As a pharmacist, how will you handle difficult customers when we hire you now?

            I will ask this question to test the interviewee's ability to communicate skillfully and if his personality can favor him in handling the conflict that may arise in the course of the work and to know if in case I hire that person, he would be able take anything that the clients say personally and formulate the best solution to help resolve the conflict. And again this may help me reflect the interviewee's ability to listen to the complaints of the clients and try by any possible means to ensure that they get satisfied (Mou, 2009)

            Can you share with me your greatest weakness? This question will help me know if the interviewee is prepared to mention his weakness or even ready to share it with me and whether the great points that he might have mentioned he is will to improve or not. It would also help to know whether he is aware that no mistake is admitted in pharmacy.

            Application of structured interview; here, I will ask those questions that are specifically meant for the pharmacists, but using the same questions for all the candidates looking for that job though will not be struck that the answer they give has to be the same. The questions may include the following;

            Why do you think pharmacy is your best carrier, but not any other? This reflects my curiosity on the interviewee's motivational factor to venture in the field of pharmacy. This may indicate his potential to work perfectly.

            Which qualities do you think you have that make you be the best pharmacists? This is meant to test if the interviewee knows the skills need for him as a pharmacist. I expect him to that he should be attentive when giving prescription to the patients.

Interviewing the preschool teacher during recruitment

            Application of personality testing; this method will help me identify whether the interviewee is capable of working with the young children based on the personality that he may portray during the interview. This question can best help in understanding that;

            How can you ensure that you successfully handle behavioral problems in your class and deal with children of different age groups? This question will let me know if the interviewee is aware that the children will misbehave during the Lesson and whether he is capable of handling those cases well irrespective of the age of the child (Savage & Gaillard, 1999)

Interviewing the hotel manager during recruitment

                        Application of personality testing

            The personality of the manager can be known by asking him a question like; how can you handle the customers of this hotel? What can you do to solve the crisis in this hotel? This question will help me determine whether the manager has the capacity in terms of his personality to handle any difficult situation such as financial issues and customer demands.

Why personality test is the best method used in an interview in the recruitment of pharmacist, preschool teacher and hotel manager

            Since the candidate skills can be seen on their curriculum vitae, the best way to test employee's potential is through personality testing. It helps in making the interview time short and the selection of the candidates can be narrowed. As an interviewer, I was able to detect the impersonal characteristics which required in each job through the application of this method.


            In my summary after application of this substantive method, I realized that interview organized and performed using a substantive method is the best way of recruiting competent employees that can perform to the expectation of all organizations.


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