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Social Media affecting the workplace

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Social media forms a central place in the contemporary global circles. The emergence of internet and digitalization enhances the effects of social media in a galactically way. In any event, social media gets explained as the creation of a media platform that aids in social interactions. Such platforms include Facebook and even Twitter handles. In essence, social media helps propagate relevance of internet on the social sphere of one’s being and existence. Social media notably, helps transcend digitalization of issues to the next level of humanity and organizational framework (Nicholas,11).

Social media at workplace revolves around the use of social media platforms to help communicate and relate with much ease. That creates a notable platform for communication and boosts interrelations among workers. It also boosts levels of communication among the senior management board and facilitates the both the vertical and horizontal communication. That notwithstanding, the diagonal communication fronts. The role of social media in the workplace get illustrated as the motherboard of an active and more proactive organizational working. It boosts workmanship and helps make up for any form of misinformation. It entails all levels of operations from the management board to the subordinates staffing (Mary Kate,31).


The genesis of the idea of social media arises from the fact that humanity gets skyrocketed to greater dimensions. Such dimensions include better and more improvised management skills, social relation and emancipation of the masses against social ills. In workplaces, social media helps create a platform where many can freely relate and come up with measures perfect enough for preferred corporate organization and planning. In the long run, operationalization gets better, and output boosted. Nonetheless, the role of social media in workplaces measures to the current social standards that match the global standards of corporate governance and management. Truly, with effective application of social media, the level of craft shots and the level of productivity scales (Joan,45).

In the case of an economic setup involving firms and industries, working gets cheaper and more reliable with social media platforms in place (Jeff,67). That results from the incorporation of useful gadgets like the cell phones and computers in the form of laptops in the presence of a properly integrated network coverage. In the event of any erroneous communication, social media platforms help restore the error faster due to quick communication trough groups in WhatsApp and other sites like Facebook. The role of social media goes beyond mere rhetoric but calculatedly trickles down forthright within corporate governance to help in management and effective governance.



The whole idea of social media arose from the idea of digitalization and came with the need for better operationalization in most workplaces. Cutting across all social divides and social expectations, social media in the workplace, came with the emergence of network connectivity. The global urge to help create a social setup that gets better in its modes of workmanship and boosted productivity, social media came on board. It got incorporated within the working system through the desire of harmonized level of operations. Consequently, the corporate social setup had a positive reception and through effective human resource management, it helped in efficient corporate engagement. Social media platforms tend to be at the epicenter of every form of working environment and forms the central requisition of every worker. In close connection, the social media effect resulted from the urge of the global corporate standards to scale and increase the level of productivity. Within the confinements of the corporate hi-tech managerial skills, the role of social media proved of great significance (Jeff,100).

Incorporation of social media in the working place took the efforts of like-minded people to help propagate the idea to social setup. Initially, it had a low reception due to the level at which it failed to get meaningful due to the cost both in acquisition and maintenance. However, as time went by, the role of social media proved very useful and made the corporate world make it a key requirement for enhanced management. Primarily, the platform had its demerits at first including negative reception but later got to become the brainchild of any prospering working environment. It, therefore, got to be an obligatory need for every social sector including the corporate systems and managed to infiltrate within the workplace of most corporate organization alongside casual working circles (Fromm,90).

The urge for a better human resource management structure helped see the incorporation of social media into workplaces. The urge for improved levels of reproduction in documentation in the workplace also necessitated the need for social media in workplaces. Through proper technological training and the social desire to manage the affairs of a workplace in a more convenient and active manner helped create a reservation for social media platforms. That helped in human resource improved and enhanced level of skills and know-how. Social media platforms arose from the appraisal of many workplaces quest for more refined modalities in workplaces. Reformed corporate levels involving the call for better servicing and production necessitated the need for social media in workplaces. In response to the global call for social reception of new management structure and scaled levels of operations hastened the initiative to incorporate social media platforms in workplaces (Joan,88).



Positive Effects of Social Media

Customer Satisfaction

One of the key element revolving social media in the workplace involves customer satisfaction and relation. The work of social media platforms affects the workplace in that they help create a pool of customers in case of any commercialized activity. The result is that there are better customer relations through advertisements in product promotion. The effect is positive since trough advertisements in effective product promotion, sales of commodities and service delivery get boosted. In return, both profit margins and markups shoot and increase the level of returns (Dowlin,67). That get enhanced through boosted productivity and heightened levels of management. Consumers relations through social media platforms like Facebook engages workplace units in a more effective way through constant chats, inboxes and even conversations through social media groups. In that way, a given workplace gets to understand its customers on their demands, satisfaction, and future expectations. Such information helps the management of a given workplace engage in a thorough management to meet the needs of their households. That helps boost productivity and change tactics to refine output and increase the level of income.

Convenient Operations

Another viable, useful effect of social media on a given workplace involves the convenient operations and more efficient leveling in management and duty delegation. On the pretext of social media platform, the level of reproduction of information gets better. That get facilitated through document accessibility through social media then printing. That provides a given workplace with high-quality documentation and information access. Through social media, effective communication gets enhanced that helps in fast-tacked duty relegation. The platforms assist in proper management organization from the media groups in duty delegation. Social media tends to aid in a good and more measurable level of duty delegation through a more actively involved social media instructs. Through social media, management of any given workplace manages to easily cut through the various levels of management structure, refine operations and provide a favorable environment for work. In the long run, workmanship improves, and levels of outcome boosted. The sustainability comes about when the workers get satisfied and have a positive working network that helps better their level of interaction (Mary Kate,78).

Improved Human Resource

Another positive effect of social media in the workplace involves improved human resource management and organizational structure. With the emergence of social media platforms, the level of human management and labor input gets to the top. In any event, social media platforms help recreate new modalities that get beneficial to the overall personal being of an individual (Cary,22). Through social media incorporation, human labor engages in training on how to operate gadgets like cell phones and computers. In the process, human level of input in production shoots. Alongside that, the level of know-how in a person gets better. In return, the level of productivity gets better and results to boosted level of output. Human resource management, in the recent times, with the emergence of social media platform, scales high and gets better. That is concerning duty allocation in workplaces as well as supervision and performance contracts. With social media platform in place, the level of productivity gets traced effectively from individual workers, and that kills laziness and boost workmanship.

Negative effects of Social Media in the Work Place

Deployment and Termination of Work

However, the incorporation of social media also facilitates deployment and termination of work duties within any workplace. What the human labor used to do get subrogated with the technological involvement. The computers replace human input and discourage manual human input. In many workplaces, workers get retrenched and some duties leveled off with the emergence of computers and cell phones under and active network coverage. If a work gets shoddy from a given member, the rate of replacement takes a high notch and gets frontline. The effects of social media platforms about job displacement get on the rise and affect many economies since from that, unemployment rates increase (Nicholas,26). A survey done by PEW Research Centre shows that 25% of employees never use internet for work related tasks.


25% of workers never use internet for job-related tasks

Immorality and Laziness at work Place

Another effect of social media is that it creates room for laziness and immorality in any workplace (Carr,15). Continuous use of Facebook and Twitter handles get addictive, and in the long run, workers tend to malinger more glued to the media platforms. In the case of groups, pages and timelines in social media, some shoddy, immoral and uncouth posts erode culture and makes workers immoral. The immorality comes as a result of a constant application of social media accessing sites full of nude pictures and sexy inclinations like the erotica Facebook site.


The role of social media in the workplace cannot get downplayed in a social setup of the current nature. It plays an invaluable role, and its significance marks the genesis of an organization that seeks prosperity alongside sustainability. The social media platform forms the framework within which most workplaces scale in their operations and managerial skills. That happens through effective involvement of such platforms and propagation of communication along the platforms.

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