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Sexuality Case Study

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 Healthy sexuality is an important part in the elderly like the younger adults in regards to its ability to increase an individual’s quality of life. It is thus imperative to acknowledge that the desire to engage in sex is dependent on physical and psychological factors and is not limited to a certain age group. In our case study, Mrs. Collins, 72 is recovering from a broken hip and thus her physical abilities are comprised. It is the purpose of this paper to consider Mrs. Collins condition and thereof advice on physical and psychological issues pertaining to matters of sex.

Since her physical state has reduced comfort during movements and carries the risk of her dislocation her hip again, the supine position is safe for the first two months after the replacement (Meri, Rosenbaum, & Kalichman, 2014) after which she will only be limited in extreme positions but can experiment on the ones that Charbonnier, et al., (2014) indicate as safe. In addition, it is essential for her to always listen to her body and consider any pain as red flags that need to be checked by her doctor and follow the rules of avoiding internal rotation, bending the knee more than ninety degrees and ensuring that she does not cross her legs or ankles (McFadden, 2013)

Secondly, (Götz, 2017) indicates that the psychological issues arise due to pain and disability while (Palazzo, et al., 2014) associate old age and poor expectations as factors. Thus it becomes imperative that Mrs. Collins has to communicate with her husband as regards her situation as well as seek professional help. This will lead to the couple accepting noncoital alternatives as well as consider rehabilitation affirming her sexual health (Meri, Rosenbaum, & Kalichman, 2014)

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