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Sexual Reaction and Stimulation

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 Human sexuality is part of an individual’s entire personality that involves the interrelationship of the psychological, sociocultural, and biological dimensions. It covers the sexual beliefs, values, knowledge, behaviors, and attitudes of an individual. The sexual arousal which is a conscious state of sexual concentration and stimulation has both the physical and psychological bases. There is always a lot more to sex than just the regular intercourse, as with no subjective feeling of pleasure, there can never be an occurrence of physiological sexual response and arousal. There are usually some factors that influence the sexual response and arousal such as biological, sociocultural and psychological in both males and females.

            Looking at sexual response and arousal from the biological dimension, it is the brain that directs a significant amount of a person’s sexual behavior. There may be the triggering of the female vaginal lubrication and the male erection by direct stimulation, but it is the brain that interprets the message and starts the procedure of sexual reaction and arousal. The motivation, craving, and actions are all the components of the brain’s judgment which is the decision-making function that carries out wish, preference, and self-control. The senses such as taste, hearing, smell, sight, and touch also have a say in one’s sexual response and arousal. For instance, touching or smell can send a message to the brain which interprets it and makes the body to release the hormones that bring about sexual arousal. The sexual response usually declines as one gets older due to the decrease of the hormones, for instance, testosterone in males. Physical disabilities or even sickness can also lower sexual response and arousal in people (Human Sexuality, n.d).

            In the psychological dimension, a person’s mood plays a significant role in sexual response and arousal. A positive state of mind enhances faster sexual response and arousal, but bad mood like in a case of a depressed individual act as an inhibitor. A woman’s feelings about her body or self-esteem influence a male’s sexual stimulation. Additionally, women usually get less sexual arousal when they are uncomfortable or have negative feelings about themselves. How an individual feels about his or her partner also influences the sexual response and arousal (Firestone, 2014). From the sociocultural angle, one’s culture and ethnicity impact what people perceive as sensual or attractive. The religious beliefs affect the people’s feelings about sexuality and how they respond and get aroused. Moreover, the biological factors are usually influenced by the sociocultural factors like the watching of pornography can turn on some individual on while others have no effect (Greenberg, Bruess, & Oswalt, 2014).

            It is of value for the men and women to understand their sexual response and arousal and also to develop a concerned understanding of how their body functions. People should always remove negative thoughts in their memory before engaging in sex for proper stimulation. For a better sexual response and arousal, an individual should always incorporate the mind, the senses, and a conducive atmosphere.

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